Reformation's Vintage Inspired Outfits that You Should Wear

Reformation's Vintage Inspired Outfits that You Should Wear

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Step into a world of classic style with Reformation's vintage-inspired outfits! Forget about complicated trends – we're talking about clothes that make you feel good and look cool. Imagine wearing outfits that mix the best of the past with today's vibe.

Our collection is like a cool time machine for your wardrobe. It's not just about clothes; it's about telling a story with what you wear. Each outfit has a bit of history and a touch of today. We're here to guide you through a simple and fun journey, where your style stands out without any fuss.

Upgrade Your Closet With Reformation's Vintage-Inspired Gems

Get ready to make fashion easy and exciting!

Brielle Skirt: Cute Vintage Look!

Brielle Skirt at Reformation

Meet the Brielle Skirt – a super cute mix of old-school charm and today's cool. It hugs your waist nicely and flares out for a comfy feel. Buttons down the front and handy pockets make it stylish and practical. 

Key Features:

  • Flattering A-line shape
  • Front buttons and side pockets
  • Special fabric mix (50% Polyester, 50% Wool)
  • Simple care with dry clean

Fab France Jumpsuit: Timeless Style!

Fab France Jumpsuit at Reformation

Get ready to shine in the France Jumpsuit – it's vintage charm meets comfy cool. With easy buttons down the front and a soft, lightweight feel, it's perfect for any day out. The fabric mixes 53% Viscose and 47% Rayon, making it soft and cozy. Just toss it for a dry clean when needed. To top off your look, team it up with the Bethany Ballet Flat – simple, stylish, and oh-so-comfortable.

Key Features:

  • Easy button-down front
  • Soft and lightweight fabric
  • Made from 53% Viscose, 47% Rayon
  • Simple care with dry clean

Edalene Delight: Classic Dress Vibes!

Edalene dress at reformation

Dive into timeless charm with the Edalene Dress – where comfort meets elegance. This dress has a nice fit at the top and a flowy skirt for a flattering look on everyone. The V-neck neckline adds a touch of fancy, along with the easy-to-use back zipper, button closure, and neck ties. Just give it a dry clean when needed. 

Key Features:

  • Comfy fit with a flattering bodice and A-line skirt
  • Fancy V-neck neckline
  • Easy back zipper, button closure, and neck ties
  • Light and soft georgette fabric (100% viscose)
  • Simple care with dry clean

Safia Style: Vintage Cool!

Safia Style dress at reformation

Meet the Safia Top – it's like wearing a bit of vintage magic. The fabric is light and comfy, made from 53% Viscose and 47% Rayon, so it feels soft and dry. Keeping it clean is easy – just give it a quick dry clean. 

Key Features:

  • Soft and comfy drapey crepe fabric
  • Made from 53% Viscose, 47% Rayon
  • Easy care with dry clean
  • Perfect match with Cynthia High Rise Straight Jeans

Clover Skirt Magic: Vintage Chic!

Clover Skirt at reformation

Discover the charm of the Clover Skirt – it's vintage vibes made easy. This skirt is super special, made from a mix of 69% Polyester, 23% Rayon, and 8% Wool. You can keep it looking good with a simple machine to wash cold and tumble dry low – no need for fancy stuff. It's like classic meets comfy in one piece. The Clover Skirt brings a touch of the old-school charm to your everyday style, making it effortlessly cool and easy to love.

Key Features:

  • Special deadstock woven fabric
  • Fabric mix: 69% Polyester, 23% Rayon, 8% Wool
  • Easy care with machine wash cold and tumble dry low
  • No ironing or dry cleaning needed

Elva Dress Charm: Timeless Style!

Elva Dress at reformation

Dive into classic charm with the Elva Dress – it's like wearing a bit of vintage magic. This dress is made to fit your body nicely, with comfy straps and a flowy skirt that looks good on everyone. Easy to wear with a simple boat neckline and a handy back zipper. Toss your essentials in the side pockets for a practical touch. 

Key Features:

  • Flattering fit with a comfy bodice and flowy skirt
  • Non-adjustable straps and easy boat neckline
  • Convenient back zipper and handy side pockets
  • Light and soft drapey crepe fabric (53% Viscose, 47% Rayon)
  • Easy care with dry clean
  • Alterations available at no extra cost


Get a timeless look with Reformation's vintage-style outfits. Whether it's the Brielle Skirt, France Jumpsuit, or Elva Dress, these pieces blend old-school charm with comfy vibes. Feel good in unique fabrics, flattering fits, and stylish details. Upgrade your style effortlessly and make a statement that feels right for you. It's not just about trends – it's about feeling awesome in outfits that bring together the best of the past and today. So, why not add a touch of classic cool to your wardrobe?


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