Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Principles

Some core principles cannot be overlooked when it comes to the creation of content on AdvisingMama, and these are the top of them:

Trustworthy Insights

The content we create here is carefully researched, and we strictly make sure it meets all our principles. All our writers and editors know that the information they are revealing must be up-to-date and relevant. From reaching out to the stylists, designers, dermatologists, makeup artists, ink enthusiasts and piercing experts to cover all things beauty and fashion, to contacting and researching all the interior designers and trends, Sports and the equipment picks, travelling tips, tech trends and handy gadget finds to keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in the world, we serve you with the best and trustworthy information that you actually need. 

Content at AdvisingMama goes through a very long and careful process, from researching to writing and from fact-checking to the editorial team to make it perfect (yes, here we do believe in perfection). We debunk all the unnecessary deets and do all this for you, so the only information you get before you choose to consider our recommended outfits, beauty products, tech gadgets or a dream destination is trustworthy and understand that you are not going to waste your money and energy on it.

Quality Curation Over Clickbait Tactics

We all know that there is a lot going on in the world, but at AdvisingMama we prefer to give you only the best parts and not try to cover it all. For many, clickbait tactics work but here we focus on the article that serves you well, answers all your curiosities and makes you go “oh” when we reveal something shocking. We don’t really believe to be specified here as we want all of our readers to be heard and seen, that's the reason we cover almost all kinds of categories here. We can't say that you will find everything here, but we believe that whatever information you find here related to fashion, lifestyle, beauty, travel and technology will be relevant. We can ensure that you can trust us, as we only share stories that inspire you and help you out in your daily life.

Welcoming Diversity

At AdvisingMama, diversity and inclusivity are what we are committed to promote. Our goal is to provide a platform for everyone where they feel heard, seen, and represented regardless of their race, age, identity, gender and sexual orientation. The goal is to hear all the underrepresented voices and provide them with a space where they can openly share their opinions. We believe that beauty comes in all colors, sizes, shapes, and visions, which helps us ensure that no one feels left out. 

We are transparent in representing diversity and inclusivity, and we know how to make you feel heard and seen. The reason AdvisingMama has an Anti-Bias team that reviews the content carefully to ensure that it's not biased but inclusive, that means from rewriting the story to make it free of bias and relatable to all the AdvisingMama readers to changing the product picks to make it suitable for all budgets.

You Come First

We prioritize you and your feedback above everything else. Our content will always make you feel heard, seen, and confident, we promise. We take the opinions of you very seriously and that's what makes us keep on a track to create content that is relevant, helpful and engaging. Of course the latest trends, products and discoveries are half of the game of our journey but if you add a touch of personalization to it then who will it be useful for? So without any hesitation drop your feedback, corrections, and whatever you want to share with us at [email protected] or stay updated with our latest content by following our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Writers & Sources

We take our principles and commitment to creating well-researched content very seriously, that's the reason we only choose to work with the writers who are experts at what they do or what they are. Our writers are skilled and do not hesitate to ask tough questions to avoid getting dodge. When considering and hiring our writers, we vet each of the writers to make sure that they are not biased or have any conflict of interest that could affect the quality and accuracy of our content.

We only work with the writers who are experienced and can interview and research through different platforms, industries and experts. Researching in fields like beauty, fashion, lifestyle, travel and tech require so much dedication and care that we make sure our writers have. We only consider researching topics through qualified sources like chefs, doctors, coaches, travelers, and journalists. All these steps are what makes our content up-to-the-mark, so you don't miss any latest information about the world.

We make sure that the content we are providing to our readers is not only informative and helpful but safe, that is the reason we strictly disapprove of AI generated content. What makes our content high-quality is our belief in human writers, as the content that is written by a human is better to understand and gives the surety of accuracy. At AdvisingMama, our aim is to provide the readers with high-quality content that they can trust, so it's against our principles to publish content that is Auto-generated using any AI writing tools such as ChatGPT.

Editorial Ethics

At AdvisingMama, our editors and contributors work with brands, PR campaigns, and experts to make the most stand out content. This helps us stay on top of every latest information and insider insights, enabling us to understand the latest breakthroughs. From newly launched beauty products to the most followed fashion trend of the month, and from tech innovations to a reveal of a beautiful destination to travel that was hidden up till now, you will be updated on what's going to be the next big thing through our expert writers and contributors. 

Lastly, we do not write about something that we would never personally recommend to anyone, be it a treatment, trend or a place. We do not allow any form of payment in return for featuring a product or service. Our team of specialists and writers must adhere to the disclosure guidelines established by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission).

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