20 Trendy And Stylish Puffer Tote Bags That Are Easy To Carry

20 Trendy And Stylish Puffer Tote Bags That Are Easy To Carry

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Fashion lovers are finding puffer tote bags chic and practical. these adorable, quilted bags which look like warm winter wear are just great for carrying overnight items such as laptops, gym gear, and groceries. They are a great combination of fashion and function, thus being perfect for everyday use. They come in all different styles and colors and can be styled with jeans and a sweater or a sleek monochrome outfit, depending on the occasion.

They can be paired with textures and prints of various patterns to create exciting combinations. What stands out about puffer tote bags is their portability as they are an easily transportable accessory for use in the streets or any other form of transport. Here you will find 20 stylish puffer tote bags by iconic luxury brands and up-and-coming designers, each with extra-ordinary qualities and style.

20 Fashionable And Practical Puffer Tote Bags That Are Easy To Carry

1. Shein Large Capacity Tote Bag

Shein Large Capacity Tote Bag

The Shein large totebag can be used to hold a multitude of items and is roomy enough to take whatever you need with you. It has a spacious main compartment to keep the essentials. The totebag is build of durable materials, therefore it is long lasting and protects. It's strong handles make it easy to hold even when it is totally packed. This is one of the most convenient for people to carry around as it speaks for itself in terms of style and as for the said that we are talking about shein here.

2. The Super Puff Tote Bag

The Super Puff Tote Bag

The Super Puff Tote bag by Aritzia is a versatile and functional tote bag, one of the collections of the famous Super Puff series. It includes a water-repellent, wind-resistant fabric, a spacious main compartment, an interior pocket for storing smaller things, plus removable pouches to give you more organization. The handles are strong and easy to grab and carry. The lightweight material ensures it is easy to carry all day.. The tote bag is constructed of nylon and includes a zippered closure, interior details such as mesh zip pockets and zipper pockets, and an outside design with a textured woven nylon appearance.

3. Intuition East West Totebag

Intuition East West Totebag

The East West Intuition tote bag is a practical and fashionable accessory for carrying daily necessities. It has a large main chamber that can fit laptops, books, and other things, and also has multiple pockets for organization. The bag is made of durable materials and has strong handles for convenience. The interiors have 1 zip mesh pocket and 1 regular zip pocket, and the exteriors are made of nylon puffy woven.

4. Mark and Graham Lightweight Packable Puffer Tote

Mark and Graham Lightweight Packable Puffer Tote

This waterproof tote is so good for ski days, errands, or vacations. This material is made of durable, lightweight polyester. It has several zippered pockets for organizing and a 16” sleeve for laptop protection. The puffer tote can be folded and placed in a tiny zipper pouch, therefore, it will leave the space for other items to pack. The tote comes with a personalised monogram to make it more attractive. It can also be hand-cleaned with a damp cloth.

5. Cloud Bag

Cloud Bag

The Cloud Tote Bag is a lightweight, multipurpose bag that can accommodate anything from a laptop to clothes and even oranges. The features of this bag include a top zip closure, an exterior pocket, and a detachable internal pouch to give you a spacious feel. it is composed of recycled heavyweight nylon and is machine washable. 

6. Coach Quilted Cloud Tote

Coach Quilted Cloud Tote

The Coachtopia Loop Puffy Tote is a very useful bag. It is spacious enough to fit your laptop, books, and other items. What is really cool is that it’s made completely of recycled PET plastic from post-consumer waste. Thus it's eco-friendly and sustainable. The Coachtopia Loop collection was made with the concept of reusing materials and monomaterial applications. For the shell material, the lining, buckles and drawcords, they used rPET. This facilitates the reuse of their bag in a closed loop system for multiple cycles. When the bag can't be used, you can give it to Coachtopia and they'll make it into a different product. It's what their Made Circular design principles are all about. Moreover, this bag is environmentally friendly and helps to reduce waste. 

7. Dagne Dover Jemi Puffer Tote Bag

Dagne Dover Jemi puffer tote bags

JEMI TOTE is a fabulous vegan laptop bag that has some great features to make your traveling comfortable! It features a roomy 16'' compartment that will easily accommodate your laptop together with an exterior pocket for your phone. What's remarkable is that the bag is made from 29 recycled bottles thus making it both trendy and eco-friendly. The JEMI TOTE has a luggage sleeve that allows you to attach it to your suitcase, showing how convenient it is. Also for your daily necessities; a useful detachable key leash, to prevent you form losing your keys.

8. Calpak Luka Expandable Laptop Tote

Calpak Luka Expandable Laptop Tote

The Luka expandable laptop bag is an easy-to-use, sporty totebag with a soft exterior and padded shoulder strap to make carrying a breeze. It consists of an expandable tote with a bottom that can extend up to 4 inches, multiple exterior and interior pockets, and a sleeve that can fit a 15" laptop. The bag also has a luggage sleeve with a concealed pocket, which makes it easier for you to put the bag into your luggage.

9. The Drop Women's Bella Small Puffer Tote Bag

The Drop Women's Bella Small Puffer Tote Bag

This chic tote bag has a strap drop of 4.75" and is made as a carryall, with comfort and ease in mind. This rectangle shape makes it modern and minimalistic. The bag comes with innovative materials such as glossy patent and soft faux fur that makes it look fun but luxurious at the same time. An open top design provides an unimpeded access to belongings while an interior snap closure provides security. With its versatility this piece can dress up casual outfits or match dressier looks, becoming a statement accessory that is bound to make heads turn and spark conversations. It's a bright and trendy feature that deserves to be flaunted at social gatherings such as brunches. 

10. Think Royln Replay Messenger Puffer Tote Bag

Think Royln Replay Messenger Puffer Tote Bag

This messenger bag is spot on creating a fashion statement…and keeping you organized with an abundance of pockets on the inside. with an additional padded divider for your electronics as well as a large netted pocket ideal for a water bottle and anything beyond that! We fall in love with the modern revival of this sleek design which you can carry with the top handle option or with the beloved crossbody strap! Not to mention that all Re-play bags are remade and produced from recycled materials.

11. Puffer Tote Bags by My Mum Made It

Puffer tote bags

This is a tote bag with padding from recycled polyester, which has an embroidered logo on the front. It has inner pockets, zipper closure, and is made from 100% recycled nylon. The dust bag is made from recycled polyester, whereas the woven label is made from organic cotton. The swing tags are manufactured from FSC* eco wood pulp, and the product bag is compostable and degradable. 

12. Kensington Shopper Puffer Tote Bag

Kensington Shopper Puffer Tote Bag

For me, the Kurt Geiger London tote is looking pretty flash with the padded arm straps, it’ll hold everything you need for the whole day. It has a large size which means you can pack so many things in there. The magnetic snap closure is super handy for quick access and the exterior pockets are no slouches either. Total win for the organization! Interestingly, the bold pattern lines the piece, making the fabric highly usable. Leather on the outside and 100% polyester inside means it's quality and can be easily maintained. In addition to this, it is imported which gives it an international feel. That’s a tote you can take in style to a busy day.

13. Caradoc Quilted Mini Convertible Puffer Tote Bag

Caradoc Quilted Mini Convertible Puffer Tote Bag

The Caradoc quilted mini convertible puffer totebag is an Italian-made accessory with double handles, a removable adjustable shoulder strap, a slip pocket, a logo patch, silver-tone hardware, and a leather trim. It is made for daily essentials and has zip-closure for secure storage as well. The interior has a slip pocket for keeping things in order and a logo patch for being stylish. The shell of the bag is made of polyamide and filled by 90% down and 10% feathers, which makes it comfortable and warm. The leather trim brings out the sophisticated look. This is an Italian-made unique creation that you should not ignore. 

14. OWGSEE Puffer Tote Bag

OWGSEE Puffer Tote Bag

The OWGSEE puffer tote bag is a lightweight, comfortable, and versatile choice, especially for women. The faux leather and down cotton material of this bag include various pockets, a checkered quilted design, and wider shoulder straps. It fits in many occasions – shopping, partying, work, dating, and also vacation. The softness of the bag’s exterior material guarantees comfort, the bag’s style is versatile, which makes it suitable for both casual and fancy attire. The materials of this product are durable and water-resistant and so they can be used in any weather. Generally, the OWGSEE puffer tote bag is a practical option for everyday use.

15. Kate Spade Everything Puffy Large Tote Bag

Kate Spade Everything Puffy Large Tote Bag

Kate Spade puffy large tote is simply a wonderful choice for people who look for convenience over style but this bag has both qualities together. This designer bag is perfect and fabulously chic at once. Its puffy texture gives it a modern touch and it is spacious enough to accommodate all your daily items. Whether you're headed to work, running errands or just enjoying a fun day out, this tote will keep all your things safe. This imported tote carries nylon with leather trim, matte lining, pin mount logo, and interior snap-tab slip and zipper pockets, fit for iPhone XS Max, iPad, A4 binder, and 13" laptop. Adding to that, it's Kate Spade, so you are sure of the quality and the design. It’s the kind of a bag that will turn heads and make you feel like you have your whole life together, all trendy and neat.

16. Retreat Tote Quilted

Retreat Tote Quilted

This pretty tote bag is easy to use and is made with smart features and a 100% recycled quilted fabric, this handy zip-top tote bag softens every move. Take your essentials as this bag is great for carrying all your essentials no matter where you are heading. Keep all your small things like your phone in a front pocket and an internal storage sleeve of this style bag. The quilted part of this bag adds a touch of sophistication and blend of style. Don’t miss out on this if you want to make your travelling life easier. 

17. Active Puffer Tote Bag

Active Puffer Tote

Revel company has brought the perfect puffer totebags for your active lifestyle. They are perfect for bringing to your gym or going to your schooling place. This active puffer totebag is versatile and practical at the same time, not compromising the beauty too. It is perfect in size, weightless, and trendy. Once you put your stuff in it, your belongings will be safe and steady. 

18. My Mum Made It Cream Puffer Totebag

My Mum Made It Cream Puffer Totebag

If you are on the hunt for a tremendous puffer tote bag that’s easy to use and doesn’t compromise style too then you must see My Mum Made It cream puffer tote bag. This Puffer padded tote bag is manufactured in a way where you see a double carry and shoulder straps. It is actually made from recycled polyester and I find it the best part about this tote. On the front side of this bag, you will also see a woven logo which is pretty much attractive. There are inner pockets with zippers and two open pockets too and that is why this tote is very spacious. 

19. Rhombic Square Quilted Puffer Tote Bag

Rhombic Square Quilted Puffer Tote bag

The quilted nylon outer cover and the soft cotton inside add to its beauty and make it very nice to use. The handle drop and shoulder strap provide versatility in the different ways of carrying it. But also, that it's handmade. I noticed it comes in three beautiful color options: brown, pink as well as white. Then, the one that fits in your style is the one that you can choose. On top of that, the bag has a roomy interior to hold everything you need like your iPad, cell phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses, and make-up. It's great for the daily. As for care instruction, hand wash the totebag is suggested. It keeps its quality good and so that it is always in perfect condition. Taking care of it ensures that it will stay in good shape and maintain the beauty that you love.

20. GLOD JORLEE Medium Puffer Tote Bags

GLOD JORLEE Medium Puffer Tote Bags

The JORLEE Medium Puffer Tote Bag from GLOD is a stylish and sophisticated handbag and also very easy to carry and handle when running for errands. It is especially made for the modern woman. This totebag is quilted of cotton fabric, it's very soft when you touch it, and has artificial cotton fiber inside, which makes it fit for winter. The classic design is flexible enough to match with any outfit.


The puffer tote bags have a traditional and dapper appearance which turns them into a perfect for daily use bag for individuals. These bags, with cozy quilted exteriors, immense interiors, and versatility, are popular among people who are fashion addicted. Here we have discussed 20 chic puffer tote bags, which are both fashionable and useful at the same time. These totes are suitable for running errands, going to work, or just hanging out with your pals. Their lightweight handles which let one carry them anywhere are what make them outstanding for city busy streets, which gives a glimmer of class for any outfit. Fashion and comfort come together in one puffer tote bag to revamp your wardrobe. Choose a definitive black style or a dramatic puffer tote and you won’t ever leave without it. In the ever-changing fashion world, the puffer tote bag is a piece that marries style and practicality.


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