6 Stunning Occasion Shoes For Women's At Reformation

6 Stunning Occasion Shoes For Women's At Reformation

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If you are in search of gorgeous dress shoes for special events you can stop right here and choose from Reformation, they have a stunning collection of occasion shoes. Well, they’ve got an amazing set of clothes and accessories that would make you feel royal anywhere you go. There are sleek and minimalistic strappy sandals like the “ Stevie” and chic block heels like ‘Bianca’ for the everyone from Reformation. These shoes will definitely make heads turn whether you are attending a wedding, a fancy party or just looking for ways to dress up on a daily basis. It is now time to go in and have a look at the exciting realm of Reformation’s festivity shoes.

6 Gorgeous Formal Event Shoes For Women At Reformation

1.    Maize Platform Sandal

Maize Platform Sandal

What does a woman need at an event? To look the best! So footwear plays a great role and this is why reformation is a whole mood. If you want to have something that could match almost every outfit perfectly then gold maize platform sandal is a perfect choice and if you ask me, they will look amazing especially under a silk long dress. This sandal is absolutely chic and looks stunning on every feet. 

2.    Polly Mary Jane Pump

Polly Mary Jane Pump

Polly Mary is a classic footwear that reformation has introduced. It has its own unique charm and adds a vintage charm to every outfit. With its chunky heel and Mary Jane strap, it looks stylish and comfortable at the same time which is a win win point about this gorgeous footwear. You will definitely make a statement with these beauties on your feet. 

3.    Gilda Platform Sandal

Gilda Platform Sandal

Oh, so here we are talking about the Gilda Platform Sandal! This is one of the most amazing shoe pair reformation has. This piece is definitely a showstopper. With its platform sole and chunky heel, it adds a touch of retro glamour to any outfit no matter at what event you are wearing it on. Its strappy design and level of comfort makes it a perfect fit and a practical option for good. 

4.    Kiki Strappy Heeled Sandals

Kiki Strappy Heeled Sandals

The Kiki Strappy Heeled Sandals from Reformation are a definition of beauty and chicness. They are a delicate, strappy style with the high stiletto heel that embodies glamour and femininity. If you are going to a unique event or just trying to improve your regular outlook, these Kiki Strappy Heeled Sandals are best. You will have a touch of class and be a real fashionista with the addition of a touch of chicness to any outfit. Trust me, you will be making heads turn wherever you go with these beauties on your feet.

5.    Petra Cylinder Heel

Petra Cylinder Heel

A stylish shoe, the Petra Cylinder Heel from Reformation that will surely create a statement. It has a cylindrical heel that gives one modern and edgy look with its sleek design. Petra Cylinder Heel will be the best choice to you for dressing up for the night or you would like to add a trendy twist to your everyday look.

6.    Eleonora Sling Back Block Heel Sandal

Eleonora Sling Back Block Heel Sandal

Reformation has the beautiful Eleonora Sling Back Block Heel Sandal. The sling back design and comfy block heel make it suitable for wear either casually or formally. Whether it is a brunch outing with your friends or special occasion, the Eleonora Sling Back Block Heel Sandal will add some sophistication to what you are wearing. 


Looking for stunning occasion shoes? Indeed, reform has surpassed itself in its beautiful range of fancy women’s shoes for the occasion. It does not matter whether you want to go for minimalistic and sleek styles or chic and trendy designs; Reformation has them all. These trendy shoes are eco-friendly and provide attention to details that you can rock to any occasion. Therefore, spoil yourself with one (or even two) pairs of these exquisite shoes and walk in style.


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