What to Wear in Las Vegas: Ultimate Guide for Vegas Outfits

Written By Evelyn Kent Published On Jul 26, 2023
What to Wear in Las Vegas: Ultimate Guide for Vegas Outfits

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Las Vegas is a city where the lights are never dim, and the enthusiasm never stops. Whether you visit Las Vegas to soak in the vibrant atmosphere, try your luck in a casino, or indulge in world-class entertainment, one thing is constant: you have to dress to impress.

With scorching days and sizzling nights, your fashion requires a perfect blend of style and comfort for Las Vegas. Don’t get overwhelmed because i have a valuable piece of advice for you for having the best time in Las Vegas and look your best throughout.

What to Wear in Las Vegas?

For dressing up in Las Vegas, people usually wear a variety of outfits depending on the occasion. For daytime activities, elegant little black dresses or chic cocktail dresses accessorized with statement jewelry pieces are popular choices for Vegas outfits. If you're hitting up fine dining restaurants, dress up in a cocktail dress to look your absolute best. 

Comfortable yet stylish swimwear that flatters your body type is a must-have for pool time in Vegas, and you can also opt for a cover-up with a stylish sarong or kaftan. For casinos, go for attire that exudes confidence and style, such as a sleek dress or tailored suit paired with statement accessories. It's important to dress appropriately, style one of these Vegas outfits and you'll fit right in with the fashionable Las Vegas scene.

Fashionable Vegas Outfits for Any Occasion

Here is your ultimate guide to Vegas outfits for any occasion you are going to attend in Las Vegas.

Perfect Poolside Look

Woman wearing white crochet dress

There’s no doubt this piece will unleash your poolside panache as the sun rises over the shimmering desert oasis. Cover-ups over bikinis that accentuates your curves and complements your skin tone are a perfect choice for poolside. This cover-up will keep you effortlessly glamorous while lounging by the pool. Complete the look with a  wide-brimmed hat, oversized sunglasses, and a pair of casual and relaxed sandals to protect yourself from the sun.

Bright And Bold Day Look

Woman wearing yellow dress

When you’re ready to leave the pool, as the sun shines bright, it's time to put on your perfect daytime Vegas outfit to shine even brighter. Opt for a flowy sundress in bright hues, playful patterns, and flirty silhouettes. Adding a few minimal jewelry pieces would take the look to the next level, and finish off the perfect Vegas outfit for the day by stepping into a pair of comfortable shoes as you will be wandering through the captivating sights of Las Vegas.

Cocktail Party Look

Woman wearing sequin dress

If you are planning to dance the night away, you have to choose an arttier that allows you to move freely. Channel your inner dive by wearing this body-hugging cocktail dress in a champagne color. This dress has enough sparkles, but add a little more with statement pieces like necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, then finish off the look by wearing strappy sandals to give just the right height to the overall look.

Casino Chic Look

woman wearing black midi dress

Las Vegas transforms into a playground of glittering lights and thrilling games soon as the sun dips below the horizon. By slipping into a little black dress with stunning details that compliment your figure, embrace the night by showing off your finest casino attire. The puffy sleeves adding a little drama to the overall outfit is my favorite part of this Vegas outfit. Complete the look by adding minimal jewelry and heels to feel your absolute best.

Dinner Date Look

Woman wearing sea green color dress

For a dinner date, you need attire that is a perfect blend of sophistication and allure, capturing the city’s glitz and glamor while keeping the focus on you. Opt for a sleek and form-fitting cocktail dress in deep emerald green. Pair the dress with elegant stiletto heels to elongate your legs, and add a few statement pieces like a dazzling necklace, bracelet, or a pair of eye-catching earrings to elevate the ensemble further. Carry a chic clutch to hold all your go-to essentials, style your hair in loose waves or go for an updo to complete the perfect Vegas outfit for an unforgettable dinner date ever.


All these fashionable picks of mine are just the right glamor you need to add to your personality when in Vegas. Style these Vegas outfits to go from poolside to a perfect brunch and casino night to a perfect dinner date without getting worried about what you should wear or how to accessorize. These Vegas outfits are versatile enough to be styled for any occasion.


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