5 Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Babies

5 Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Babies

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We have to be very careful while choosing toys and planning outdoor activities for our babies. Planning outdoor activities for babies is important for their health and mental growth. It’s essential to grow like other babies. The 12th-month phase of babies reaching 1 year is the most sensitive period of a parent’s life. If you are kind of trying to build your baby’s routine by adding outdoor playing activities to their lives, it would be a great initiative.    
There is a big range of toys for your babies, from which I have chosen some of the best toys to enjoy while having an outdoor activity. 

The Top 5 Best Outdoor Toys For 1 Year Old Babies

Enhance your parenting knowledge by teaching toddlers about playing outdoor activities with the best toys. You may also watch Walmart for such exciting parenting products.

Baby Pool and Swimming

Babies can swim from the age of 2 months old Baby pools are convenient to carry, and it is used for outdoor family domestic. You can fill up the pool with small plastic balls along with water. Little cuties will love this and enjoy their outdoor activity. In summer, nothing would be more refreshing like being in a pool. It will remain babies cool in the summer so buying a baby pool would be a considerable idea for an outdoor activity. It is important to note that regardless of buying a baby pool, you can also take your babies to the swimming areas. There would definitely be some swimming places near your home so it would be a great outdoor activity. 

Beginners Baby Bike 

It is a balance bike that is designed for the age of 12 months to 24 months. This bike is a super comfortable and suitable toy for 1-year-old babies. It is based on 3 wheels and works like a walker for toddlers. It boosts their confidence and makes them happy for sure. It is best for the enhancement of their motor skills. It encourages them to go for an outdoor activity and have fun with this toy. It teaches babies how to have balance while being in motion. You can even also gift this non-paddle beginner’s baby bike to your little ones. It is easy to carry, so you can also take it anywhere you want. 

Baby Trampoline

Usually, whenever babies are happy, they like jumping and cheering on the situation. This is so true that baby trampolines are the best for your toddler. This toy for 1-year-old babies would be best, and it is an outdoor and portable toy. So you can take it to the farm, beach, and any park. Babies love bouncing, and it also enhances their health and fitness. Make sure while buying a trampoline that it must be padded and have handles, so the baby must be safe while having fun. It is such a fun interactive too, because it helps in concentration and focus. Somehow, you are getting enough resources for your toddlers in one place. 

Slide and Rocker

Enjoy 2 in 1 slide and rocker which is one of the best outdoor toys for 1 year old babies. You can find it online in toy stores easily. Most play sets, such as slides and rockers, take a lot of time to get assembled. However, this set is easy to assemble and convenient to carry. You can take it everywhere easily. This play set is so pretty and specifically mn designed for little cuties as it is 2 in 1, so they can enjoy two types of toys in one place. Babies stay active while playing with this beautiful toy that is designed for 1-year-old toddlers. 


For outdoor play, you just need a kickball to enjoy as Babies love bouncing and catchy things. Colorful balls help babies to memorize their names, and it is even healthy for their mental health. Make sure the ball should be made of rubber so it could be easier for babies to carry them in their hands. Light rubber balls are made for young infants and toddlers, so it would be the best decision to vast their toy cart with this cute toy while shopping. 


You should spend money on these top 5 outdoor toys for 1 year old babies. It will be worth it if your babies enjoy their outdoor play. Toddlers will be going to learn a lot from their outdoor playing. 

Frequently asked questions 

In which range these toys can be bought?

The dollar range varies from min $20 to max $69. It is an affordable range and would be a great spend on your baby’s toys. You can also admire it as an investment in their mental health and physical health because it leads to a healthy mental progress report. 

How long does it take babies to learn to swim?

If a 12 months baby is learning to swim, they could learn to swim in around one and half years. It is a quick time as they only take half hour class per week. 

How much time you should give your kids to enjoy their outdoor playing?

The babies should at least spend around 30 to 60 minutes in outdoor activity. While their physical activity, including indoor and outdoor, must be 3 hours. 


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