Is Water Wet: Answer to a Major Mystery

Written By Bethel Ashley Published On May 30, 2023
Is Water Wet: Answer to a Major Mystery

In school, I remember I enjoy taking science and English class. When I was in 9th grade, there was a dispute going on between Ms. Lara and Ms. Stephaney about water. The real question was like; Is Water Wet? It was fascinating to gather more information about that. I took  the initiative to research this topic to clear my confusion that Is Water Wet or not in real. 

I asked a question to my English teacher that is water wet?. She laughed and said, how can water is wet even? The water is not wet. It is the interaction between the liquid and the solid surface that makes it wet. Essentially, wetness is when water or another liquid comes into contact with a solid object. 

So, I felt I got the answer to the mystery about "Is Water Wet". I came home with the enchanting thought that I explored something new, and I got the answer to my query quickly. 

I always tell them everything about how my day went to my parents. I told them that I explored today, the water is not wet, and my English teacher explained how water is not wet. I further added that I wondered why the science teacher Ms. Lara was arguing with Ms. Stephaney. 

Dad said that you must ask this question to your science teacher too. The next day after the assembly finished, I went to ask the same question to Ms. Stephaney, she was busy finding something in her purse, so I waited for a while. She asked me, how may I help you, Michaela?

I said, Ms. Stephaney, I want to confirm this to you. The water is wet, Right? She popped her eyes out and said, not expecting this from you, Michaela. Her reaction was telling me that I said something unexpected. 

She said, remember when I was explaining saturation, I stated that saturated means that the substance contains water. The water shall be wet according to the definition of saturation. All the other molecules around are saturated by a single water molecule, which means water itself can be wet, just as oxygen bonds to itself.

I felt confused after listening to her, and then I read many blogs on Google related to water wetness. Then I ended up to the conclusion that according to science, all the other molecules around it are saturated by a single water molecule, which means water itself can be wet, just as oxygen bonds to itself.

If I see from grammar and general point of view

Water is a fluid in itself, the addition of water to water does not result in it becoming wet, but merely increases its volume. The process of infringing upon one's natural state is wetness.

The general point of view is accepted by many people worldwide on different platforms. So, finally, I got the answer to debate in both ways because I have the reference now. 
Both ways are okay and acceptable from their perspective.


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