How To Style Leather Shorts Like a Pro?

Written By Evelyn Kent Published On Aug 17, 2023
How To Style Leather Shorts Like a Pro?

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You're mistaken if you thought that leather shorts are only for the biker-chics; they have come a long way from the biker-chic roots and have become a wardrobe staple for all fashion-forward women. The unique and edgy appeal makes them desirable and versatile enough to pull off at any event. From grabbing a coffee in a casual look to wanting a sophisticated look for a fancy night out with friends, leather shorts can provide endless possibilities. Let me walk you through how to transition your favorite pair of  leather shorts for any occasion.

How to Dress up or down Leather Shorts?

Whether you are a girl who is more into a casual and relaxed vibe, or you are the one who steps out of the comfort zone and experiments with new ways to style leather shorts, I have a few ways you can pull off the leather shorts game without putting a whole lot of effort.

Relaxed Look

Black Leather Short With Relaxed T-shirt

For a casual chic vibe, pair your leather shorts with a simple graphic tee or a casual blouse if you are not into graphics that much. Whatever you choose, whether the blouse or a tee just tuck them inside to give off a more put together look. And if you are in a mood to give the outfit a twist then create a front knot to give a twist and chic vibe. To finish off the look, step into classic white sneakers in your wardrobe for a relaxed walk wherever you go. This casual yet chic look is perfect from running errands to grab a cup of coffee with a friend, and shopping trips.

Polished Look

Black Leather Short with Tailored Blazer

If you are more into edgy vibe then this styling tip is just the right option for you. After being all casual we can now transform our leather shorts into an edgy ensemble by pairing them with a tailored blazer in gray over a solid color tank. This gives off a perfect combination of a polished yet stylish look which we all need to attend meetings, visiting a new spot or even for dates (yes, it can work). For giving a final touch to the overall outfit, carry a classic cross-body bag and step into your favorite pair of ankle boots in black. For accessorizing, I will recommend being on a minimal side when it comes to jewelry but you can go big with the sunglasses and choose an oversized one.

Beach Look

Black Leather Short with Fish-net Top

Don’t tell me you always thought that it's gonna be too much to wear leather shorts to the beach, let me change your mind ladies. Leather shorts at the beach will not make you look extra at all, you just have to style it right girl. There is nothing too much if you are a true fashionista as fashion has no limits in styling possibilities. Here's how you can incorporate leather shorts into your beach vacation; style them with a sheer net top and tuck it inside to give off that beachy vibe. Finish off the look by wearing a pair of earrings to add a touch of glitz to the overall classic look and give your hair beachy waves for a perfect beach vibe. Lastly, step onto those slides or go barefoot into the sea to feel those sandy toes and waves crashing your feet.

Sporty Look

Black Leather Short with Sports Outfit

For all the sports enthusiasts who cannot compromise on style while winning the game, this look fits you perfectly. The look is a perfect combination of comfort and style and gives a perfect sporty vibe we all need. By pairing your leather shorts with a long-sleeve bodysuit in white and carrying a cross body bag, you can effortlessly create a perfect sporty vibe. Finish off the look by stepping into your favorite pair of sneakers that can take you from long walks to the badminton classes without making your feets hurt. Lastly, every sporty babe needs a cap to give the extra athleisure vibe, so wear a cap in white or black and be ready to win both the fashion game and the real one. 

Winter Look

Black Leather Short with Jacket and Thigh High Socks

Like I told you, there are no surprises in fashion and possibilities are limitless when it comes to styling. Leather shorts can be styled even on the days when the cold breeze is making you freeze. Just keep in mind that if you want to incorporate leather shorts into your winter wardrobe, you just have to focus on layering to pull off the look. For achieving a perfect cozy vibe, start by pairing the shorts with opaque tights or wear your thigh high socks for an extra layer of warmth. Go for a chunky knitted cardigan in a neutral shade and layer it under a tailored long coat, trench coat, or a faux fur coat for adding the warmth that's needed in the coldest months. To finish off the look choose ankle-boots for footwear, and carry a long chain handbag to keep all the essentials with you wherever you go. 


With these outfit ideas, you must get an idea of how versatile leather shorts are. With a minimal effort and creativity you can transition leather shorts from casual days to sport days and vacations at the beach to the breezy days of winter. If you already own a pair of leather shorts or even planning to buy one, you know that you are investing in a timeless piece that will serve you in an uncountable way to style them forever. Lastly, I would say that you should never be afraid to experiment with new ways even when it's not that usual, because fashion can be anything but boring. 


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