Ultimate Guide To Care 2c Hair Type

Ultimate Guide To Care 2c Hair Type

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27.9% of females were born with wavy curly hair. 2c is a type of curly hair. Type 2 refers to the wavy texture of the hair, while the letter C shows that it is more textured than other types 2 hair, so the waves are more pronounced and can even fall in ringlets. Understanding which type of curly hair you have is essential, but there is more to your hair than its curl type. 

Knowing your hair's texture, density, and porosity will help you choose the appropriate products and styling techniques. This prevents frizz from forming on your hair. Type 2C hair is characterized by "waviness." This hair type has textured waves at the roots that become more undulating toward the ends. 

2c Type Hairs

The shape of your hair is determined by the way your follicles grow. Wavy hair is formed when the hair follicle is slightly tilted. The 2c hair type is extremely wavy but not coalescent. The hair's S-shaped bends begin at the roots. These waves are very thick. The bends are a loser and wider than the tighter structure of curly hair.

The 2c hair type is distinguished by S-shaped spirals that begin at the hair roots and continue down the hair strands. The S-shaped is more pronounced than other types of 2c hairs. But these curls are not defined as the 3c and 4c hairs.

How To Care For 2c Type Hair?

60% of the world’s population has curly hair. Utilize products formulated for curly hair. Although wavy hair may not have as much frizz as curly hair, it still requires frizz control. Additionally, wavy hair requires more hydration than straight hair but less hydration than curly hair. 

Therefore, it is essential to use products formulated for curly hair issues. Essential hair products for curly hair include volumizers, curl enhancers, and hair masks.

Using a leave-in conditioner upon exiting the shower helps to lock in moisture and reduce frizz in 2c hair. Additionally, deep conditional treatments can help to keep your hair hydrated and reduce breeziness. Using a good quality anti-frizz serum on damp hair before styling can also help to reduce breeziness. 2c hair can be difficult to manage as it is prone to tangles and knots.

Frizz Fighting Shampoo

Use a frizz-fighting shampoo and conditioner. Cleanse and moisturize the waves of your hair as well without weighing them down with a shampoo and conditioner formulated especially for fighting frizz.

Scrunch to Style 

Try to use a light styling foam to enhance your curl pattern and add definition. Apply a small amount to wet hair and scrunch upward to achieve flawless waves.

Deep Condition 

The deep condition gives your hairs in between spirals an extra dose of frizz-fighting moisture once a week with a deep conditioning hair mask.

Don’t Brush

Brushing 2c hair is a recipe for frizz. Detangle and separate your curls and waves using a wide-tooth comb and a curl cream or oil with soothing properties.

Thicker and Coarser Hairs 

The 2c hair type is usually thicker and coarser than other wavy hair types. It is much more prone to frizz. These 2c hairs are in balance the moisture in lightweight styling products is a must for getting perfect frizz free 2c waves. 

Hairstyle To Try With 2c Hair

Embrace the unique texture of your 2c hair with some favorite hairstyles. 

Space Buns 

Princes may have worn it first, but your 2c spirals and your hair volume dimensions to this fun try to make this hairstyle.

Half Up, Half Down

There are so many ways to pull off this classic hairstyle, and all of them look amazing with the volume and texture of 2c hairs.


If you have fine and thin 2c hair, then you may see waves starting 1 to 2 inches from the root, while the hair right at the follicle will appear straight. Thick 2c hair, on the other hand, may have more lift at the root given that there's more hair on your head. We hope you may like our blog. If you have any queries, let us know in the comment section.

You may have difficulty classifying your hair as type 2c due to the occurrence of random S-shaped curls in your mane. You should evaluate your head as a whole, taking into account its general waveform.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the good products to use for the 2c hairs?

Harry josh pro tools pro dryer. Conditioner is good to use for these amazing 2c hairs that look beautiful. Mark Anthony coconut beach waves are also very beneficial. Gold well-style sign curls and wave curls control moisturizing cream.

How are 2c-Type Hairs Washed?

Recommendations should be followed for the 2c type hairs for their curly care counterparts. Only wash your hair as needed, most likely two to three times per week maximum. Overwashing strips of hair must need natural moisture.

What to know about 2c hair?

2c hair type is the apex of waviness. It is ultra-defined natural waves. These are not especially ignored and erased. Through wind, since rainy its wavy or curly texture will not change or will not lose its shape. When your 2c hairs are being unruly it does not take this hair type for granted. 


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