DIY Minion Goggles: Learn With Mama For How To Make Them

DIY Minion Goggles: Learn With Mama For How To Make Them

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We can get our hands on anything from the market that we desperately want. But where’s the fun? My artistic self doesn’t get easily satisfied with ready-made things unless I create them myself. When I first heard of Minion goggles, I thought this was a brilliant idea to connect with my kids. And to my surprise, I have never seen them as excited as they are today. So I think I have successfully transferred all my habits to them, LOL!

Let’s begin the real fun and let me guide you about how to effortlessly bring children’s favorite character to life with DIY Minion Goggles. The overall experience was crazy and when my children used them in their school function, I was secretly feeling proud of myself.

Let’s Make Minion Goggles With Mama And Have Fun Like Never Before

STEP 1: You Must Have All DIY Essentials 

DIY Essentials For Minnion Goggles

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Before you begin, make sure you have all the stuff right before you so that you don’t get distracted later on. Materials that are required are:

  • Glue (fluid form for sure)
  • Scissors
  • Two Empty Jars (most important)
  • Pencil
  • Scale
  • Cardboard in white
  • GI Hard Wire or Stretchy Ribbon in Black

STEP 2: Draw The Shape Of Goggles.

Drawing Shape of minnion Goggles

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The actual fun begins here! Pick one from the two jars and put it on the cardboard. After putting it, trace the inner circle and make two shapes out of them.

The image below shows what kind of jar you will need and what should be its size.

STEP 3: Time To Use The Scissor 

Cutting circles for minnion goggles

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Now cut out the traced part from the cardboard carefully so that your hands don’t get hurt. Once two circles are in your hands, fold both circles so that the crease is made right at the center. After this, keep the circles folded and cut them one by one in a round shape. When you open them, you’ll see another mini symmetrical circle in both of them.

STEP 4: Paste The Circle Inside Of The Jar

making perfect shape for minnion goggles

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Since you have used the inner side of the jar lid to draw the perfect circular shape, now also paste the drawn circles on the inside of the jar lid. Make sure you use glue in fluid form as glue sticks don’t work on jar lids. This is the point where you’ll see that your hard work has started to pay off!

STEP 5: Use Ribbon

Attaching ribbon on minnion gogges

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Now pick up the ribbon place its one end inside of the jar and tape it down with duct tape so that it remains attached to the jar strongly. Now both the jars must be stuck together. Again make use of the duct tape for this purpose. At the point where both the jars meet, wrap the duct tape around that part. Once it’s done, pick another end of the ribbon and paste it inside another jar with the same method.

STEP 6: Try Them Out Now

DIY Minnion Goggles

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Are we done? Yes, we are. This is the simplest DIY one can ever come up with. Try them out and see the magic. Don’t forget to click some pictures and witness your creativity from your own eyes.


DIY Minion Goggles, I believe, are one of the most convenient processes. The materials required in making Minion Goggles are mostly available in everyone’s home. You do not need to buy them separately. And let’s suppose you don’t have any one material, you won’t have to break your bank to buy them. What’s even more worth considering is that you get to spend your leisure time into something productive by doing some artwork and simultaneously spending time with your children. Making things on your own is the art that parents should learn along with their children.

Nowadays, schools also focus on extra-curricular activities and most importantly, they also focus on using the stuff that is already available at home. When parents and children work together on such things, their bond gets strengthened even more!


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