Top 10 Places to Watch World Cup [Online and Offline]

Top 10 Places to Watch World Cup [Online and Offline]

The most popular sport in the world is cricket, which we all enjoy watching. When our favorite team is playing, we don't want to miss even a single second of a live game. Thanks to India's excellent organization of this competition, cricket fans around the world are in for a spectacular experience.

The fact that India will host the World Cup again in 2023, after a 12-year absence, has added to the excitement among fans. The dates for this 50-over competition are October 5 through November 19, 2023.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone has the means to visit India and take in the thrilling contests. Unfortunately, only Indian people can look for where to watch the world cup near me on Google. The other will choose to view the event online instead. But given the limitations imposed by geography, that might be problematic. But don’t worry, we have collected the best places/apps to watch the world cup from your home or office. If you have a question in your mind that where to watch the world cup near me, then this blog is for you.

Please take note that we only suggest official broadcasters and sources in this post. The use of illegal streams obtained from Reddit or other sources is not advised. They frequently come with poor video and can be turned off at any time. You might not be able to see the entire game as a result. Furthermore, official broadcasters may be found all around the world. Thus using untrustworthy streams is detrimental to your interests.

More About Cricket World Cup 2023

As per usual, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will be set up with round-robin team pairings. Consider it a really smart way to make sure that the shuffle is conducted impartially.
The location of the championship game for the 2023 ICC Cricket World Cup is still up in the air. The top 8 teams with the highest ICC rankings will be picked at random. Based on the outcomes of the 2022 World Cup Super League games, the other two teams will be chosen. The CWC 2023 will therefore feature a total of 48 matches and 10 teams overall.

Where To Watch the 2023 Cricket World Cup Online

If you’re worried about where to watch the world cup near me, then here is a complete list:

1. Crictime

If you are tired of searching for where to watch the world cup near me, then stop searching now and visit Crictime right now. This website offers straightforward but complete live cricket streaming. You can immediately see the ongoing cricket action as you land on its home page. By selecting the relevant link, you can watch cricket live online. 

To guarantee that you won't experience any issues while watching, it offers numerous servers. You won't find a better option than this website if you are a devoted cricket lover. This website is providing exactly what it should be providing, and in our opinion, you will enjoy this website's work.

2. Sky Sports

Sky Sports, which is a collection of subscription television channels delivered through satellite, is the provider of the World Cup Live Streaming App in the UK. Cricket fans will not miss a single match thanks to Sky Sports' comprehensive coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup, which includes live coverage, match highlights, live scores, match schedules, and fixture listings. If you subscribe to Sky TV, you will be able to watch Sky Sports on Sky Go and Sky NOW.   

This is for those people who wondering where to watch the world cup near me, this website is the best option for you.

3. ESPN+

To watch the ball-by-ball coverage of the ICC World Cup 2023 matches without any interruptions, go to the ESPN+ and ESPN app. In essence, ESPN owns the rights to broadcast the tournament in the United States and the Caribbean. The agreement grants digital rights to all ESPN users globally.

ESPN+ is constantly in demand since it offers a variety of unique live events, programs, news, series, movies, and more, all in one place. While the yearly plan for ESPN+ can cost up to $99.99, the monthly membership to the service starts at $9.99/month. In addition, you need to visit a high-end VPN if you are not in the US or the Caribbean.

4. Sony Live

To watch the hassle-free cricket world cup, stop searching where to watch the world cup near me on Google and try Sony Live. As a result of Sony Pictures Network's efforts, Sony Liv is now one of the most well-known names among OTT platforms. It provides live streaming of all major cricketing events in the Indian subcontinent, including the ICC Cricket World Cup. 

Users can get Sony Sports channels for the greatest live coverage of the ICC Cricket World Cup by downloading the application from the Play Store or the Apple Store, logging in to the application, and then accessing the channels.


The largest video-sharing website in the world, YouTube, naturally includes cricket among the topics it covers. Viewers can search “LIVE CRICKET MATCH TODAY” on YouTube to stream cricket matches live from different parts of the world.

The website covers all real-time cricket matches and results, even though it is not independent. You may watch the highlights of the game on the channel's playlist or download them to share on other social media sites by using a free YouTube video downloader.

6. PTV Sports

PTV Sports is a source of both domestic and international sporting events around the clock, earning it a place of distinction within the roster of the top sports channels. In Pakistan, the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 will be televised by PTV Sports, which is a broadcasting partner for the tournament. 

The application may be downloaded for free and is simple to operate. You won't miss a single second of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 when you subscribe to PTV Sports.

7. CricHD

Don’t worry, if you are thinking to miss any match of this world cup, consider CricHD, a website that not only shows live cricket but also all of the other most popular sports. Yeah! Stop searching for where to watch the world cup near me right now and use this app.

You can watch any cricket match that is now scheduled or just ended on the internet. Isn't it wonderful? Using the "Android App" button on the CricHD website, you can download an app for Android phones and tablets.

8. Foxtel Now and Foxtel App


The most popular digital service from Foxtel is Foxtel Now, which allows you to watch sporting events. It brings all of the programs from Foxtel pay TV television and functions similarly to a one-way streaming platform.

In contrast, you may use the Foxtel app to stream the ICC World Cup in 4K quality on any of your favorite devices if you prefer an application. But take note that only Foxtel subscribers who have pay-TV subscriptions can access these digital sites. In Australia, it is also geo-restricted. To stream Foxlet outside of the area, you need a VPN.

9. SuperSport

Those who live in South Africa and enjoy watching cricket may do so on SuperSport. In addition, SuperSport covers any type of athletic event that takes place everywhere throughout the world, such as football, cricket, rugby, golf, tennis, and motorsport. 
In addition to this, it offers live streaming of all international cricket matches, as well as live scores, in-depth analysis, highlights, timetables, and more. Using this incredible application, fans of cricket all over the world will be able to watch the World Cup 2023 without any interruptions.

10. Kayo Sports

Kayo is the exclusive digital rights holder for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, which means you can watch the entire event on it. It is a brand new digital platform in Australia that provides over-the-top video streaming, and it was launched specifically for live streaming all major sporting events on both the national and international levels.
A variety of different monthly subscription packages are available to choose from while using the premium streaming service provided by Kayo Sports.

Places To Watch The World Cup Offline

Watching a live sporting event such as the ICC World Cup 2023 with your family and friends is an experience to die for. This is the time when you make memories of a lifetime. The joy of your team winning exponentially enhances, and at times you share the sorrow of seeing your team lose. In any case, the fun of watching the game with your loved ones is always a time to cherish. Let’s explore some fun places where we can watch the world cup with our loved ones:

Gather at a friend’s or relative’s place and grab some drinks, popcorn, nachos, or chips to munch. The cozy atmosphere of the living room will elevate the overall experience. 

Select a restaurant that is screening the matches, and you also love the restaurant’s food. What fun if you do not enjoy the food while watching the game?

Look for a mega screening venue only if your team makes it to the later stages of the tournament, as it might be a little costly. These venues provide you with a mind-boggling experience, and that too in the company of your family and friends. 

Last Run

The ICC World Cup 2023 is a thrilling competition that cricket fans around the world are eagerly anticipating. Some of the best players in the world will gather for the competition to compete on the biggest stage possible, making the event a celebration of the sport. So make a note of the dates, prepare your jerseys, and get ready for some exciting cricket action!

You don’t have to search for where to watch the world cup near me, even if you’re from India or other countries, our blog will be helpful for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Has Cricket access to Hulu?

With streaming, you may access On Demand and live TV on practically any device at any time. Simply put, streaming connects to services like Netflix, Hulu, and HBO Max using your high-speed Internet connection or your phone's high-speed data plan. Game consoles and smart TVs both support streaming.

Is Willow unlocked on Roku?

If you don't already have a Willow TV account, go to, sign up as a new user, and then proceed as directed above to register your Roku device with us. On your Roku device, you must have a current membership to watch the Live broadcast.

What is the best free app for watching live cricket?

Willow TV is the best cricket live-streaming app for Android and iPhone. Live cricket games and live HD cricket television. Cricket fans may access interactive scorecards and ball-by-ball analysis in this free IPL live app.


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