The Psychology of Seafoam Green - Its Impact on Emotions and Behavior

Written By Adele Vitalio Published On Jun 26, 2023
The Psychology of Seafoam Green - Its Impact on Emotions and Behavior

Seafoam green is one of the most delicate colors you might think of when you think of the ocean. The color has hints of green and blue, as well as a little bit of grey, but it's not very different from other colors. It is often compared to the color mint green because its hexadecimal value is #93E9BE. Even though many people think that mint green and sage green are the same color, mint green has a different hex code, #98FF98, so it is considered to be a different color.

What Does Seafoam Green Color Mean?

Seafoam is closely associated with nature and the natural world because it is the color of trees, grass, and forests. It is associated with good fortune, renewal, and freshness. Green, on the other hand, can be associated with jealousy—those experiencing jealousy are said to be "green with envy."

Pale greens, such as seafoam green, are thought to represent youth and innocence. Seafoam green can convey a sense of calm because it contains blue, the color of the ocean and sky. Green is thought to promote emotional equilibrium, calm, and clarity in color psychology.

History of Seafoam Green Color

Pale green colors like seafoam green have been used since the 1700s. Seafoam green was a very popular color for clothes in the 1950s. The name color seafoam green is derived from the foam that forms on ocean water, but sea foam is white, not green. But the color seafoam green makes you think of the freshness of the ocean, which is probably why it was named after the sea. Crayola introduced a crayon with the name seafoam green in 2001.

What Is Really Mixed In It?

A multitude of colors, including seafoam green, are made by combining different shades of green and blue. However, this color makes things look more gray, and it also has the most green pigment of any of the others. 

This suggests that the natural undertones of green have a significant impact on the overall feeling conveyed by the color, but that these undertones do not completely overpower the color's softer qualities, resulting in a green that is crisp and revitalizing in appearance.

Psychology Of Seafoam Green

You might think of money, nature, or, on a darker note, envy when you see the color green. People often use the phrase "green with envy" to talk about this feeling because they think of it as being like the color green. Green is often used in "healthy" settings because it is so closely linked to ideas about the environment and growth. 

Aside from the ocean, many people think of blue as a sad or stormy color. When blended correctly, the color seafoam green makes people think of and feel several good things. People often think of the ocean when they see this color. Because it is soft and bright, it is often used to brighten up a room or make you feel more fresh and gentle.

Impact of Seafoam Green On Emotions And Human Behavior

Seafoam green, like other colors, can have a psychological effect on feelings and actions. While individual experiences and cultural factors can influence these effects to some extent, they cannot entirely account for them. Seafoam green symbolizes peace. It calms and relaxes many. 

Seafoam green evokes springtime foliage and the ocean. Its light and airy nature can evoke feelings of renewal and freshness, resulting in an upbeat and revitalizing effect. This relationship with nature can also strengthen a connection to the outdoors and promote a feeling of well-being.

A significant amount of blue, in addition to green, conveys a sense of tranquillity and peace. Too much blue can make a color feel cold and gloomy, but green helps to create a balance that enlivens and brightens the overall hue, making it feel vibrant and optimistic.

What Color Goes With Seafoam Green?

What color looks good with seafoam? Seafoam green can stand out as an accent color when paired with neutrals like taupe, and it looks especially clean when paired with white.
If you want to make people think of nature and the great outdoors, seafoam green looks great with other shades of green. Because it is the opposite of red-orange on the color wheel, coral, salmon, and tangerine can bring seafoam green to life. It looks good with lilac and dusty pink as well. Seafoam green goes well with lilac, coral, dusty rose, white, taupe, salmon, and tangerine.


There is a lot to say about the color seafoam green. From the way it opens our minds to the way it makes us feel calm, we can all benefit from getting to know this color. However, seafoam green is also incorrect. Seafoam green is not only untrustworthy but also depressing. Despite these negative aspects, seafoam green is a beautiful and uplifting color in general.


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