Discover Local Stores in New York for Kids Lion Costumes

Discover Local Stores in New York for Kids Lion Costumes

Do you want to get your child a lion costume that is both adorable and roaring? The most active city in the United States is New York. There is a wide variety of children's costumes available at a lot of the local shops in New York City.  Finding the right lion costume for your kid can make their day extra special, whether it's for Halloween, a school play, or just plain old imaginative playtime. You are in luck if you consider the experience of shopping in New York's neighborhood stores to be more satisfying than online shopping. Shop kids lion costumes in New York by reading this blog.

This blog post will direct you in the direction of some of the best local stores in New York City where you can find adorable lion costumes for children. These stores are located in the city. Embark on this exciting journey and discover the shops that can turn your child's imagination into reality with a lion.

Local Stores In New York For Kids Lion Costumes

If you’re from New York and searching for “Shop Kids Lion Costume Near Me” in the search engine? Then stop your search right here.  Because in the following, we have piled up a list of NYC local stores for kids' lion costumes:

Party City

Party City is a well-known chain of stores that sells party supplies, and it has multiple locations in New York City. A further fantastic option for procuring lion costumes for kids is to go to Party City, which is well-known for having an extensive collection of costumes as well as party decorations. 

Their accommodating staff can assist you in locating a lion costume that is suitable for your child in terms of both their size and their tastes. If you are going to a costume party or are just looking for a fun experience in costume play, Party City is a dependable option that you should consider. 

Halloween Adventure

Halloween Adventure is a store that sells costumes all year long. As its name suggests, it specializes in all things Halloween. This well-known store in Greenwich Village sells a wide range of costumes, accessories, and other items. 

Their section just for kids has a wide range of creative costumes, including lion costumes. Halloween Adventure is sure to have something your child will like, from traditional lion costumes to creative and colorful takes on the theme.

Abracadabra Superstore

In the middle of Manhattan, the Abracadabra Superstore is a treasure trove of costumes. One of the many costumes for kids that they have is a lion costume. Because the staff is friendly and knows what they are doing, it won't be hard to find a lion costume for your child. There is a lot to choose from at 19 West 21st Street in New York.

Ricky’s NYC

Ricky's NYC, which has several locations in New York City, is the place to shop kids lion costumes. Their selection of costumes for kids is huge, and you're sure to find some cute lion costumes for your kids. Ricky's NYC often has trendy and unusual costumes, which makes it a great place to look for something different.

Beyond Costumes

Beyond Costumes in Brooklyn is a unique place to go shopping. This business is run by a family, and they sell costumes and accessories for all kinds of events. Their helpful and friendly staff can help you find the perfect lion costume for your child, making sure that your shopping trip is memorable and fun.

Frank Bee Costume Center

Since the 1950s, the Frank Bee Costume Center has sold a wide range of costumes and accessories. They have many different kinds of costumes for kids, including lion costumes. This family-run store in the Bronx at 3435 East Tremont Avenue is sure to have the lion costume your child needs to feel like the king or queen of the jungle.


KostumeKult is a good place to look if you want something truly unique and made by hand. This store in Brooklyn has a lot of costumes, and many of them are made by local artists. Your child will stand out from the crowd in their creative lion costumes. KostumeKult is not only a store, but also a place where people who like to dress up get together. This makes it an interesting place to go.

Spirit Halloween

Spirit Halloween is a handy location to visit for Halloween costumes for both children and adults. It has taken over empty storefronts across all five boroughs of New York City (really, every one of them), making it easy to find. The seasonal chain carries complete costumes, accessories, masks, and makeup, among other items, and it has more than a dozen locations across the city, the majority of which are located in Manhattan.

Village Party Store

Visit the Village Party Store to shop kids lion costumes. support a local NYC small business while stocking up on all of your party supplies. Following a tragic fire in 2010, the Village Party Store relocated to its current location on Eighth Street from the intersection of Greenwich Avenue and 10th Street. There, it continues to serve New York City's and beyond's Halloween costume and party decoration needs. Make a note of this location for your next event: it is ideal for balloons and balloon arrangements of all kinds.


If you know where to look in New York City, it's easy to shop kids lion costumes. Visit the local stores listed above, such as Abracadabra Superstore, Ricky's NYC, Halloween Adventure, Party City, KostumeKult, and Beyond Costumes, to look through their large selections of lion costumes for kids. You will be able to find the perfect lion costume for your child in Manhattan, the Bronx, or any other borough. So go ahead and start this exciting adventure to make your child's lion dreams come true!


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