5 Pumpkin Painting Ideas To Get Ready For this Halloween

Written By Bethel Ashley Published On Sep 14, 2023
5 Pumpkin Painting Ideas To Get Ready For this Halloween

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We are all very excited since Halloween is just around the corner. Halloween is a festival that is celebrated with immense enjoyment and people of every age group get very excited about this festival. When we talk about Halloween, decorated lanterns, pumpkins, and children wearing scary Halloween costumes immediately pop into our minds. Although the tradition of celebrating Halloween with decorations is very old, but the enjoyment of decorating pumpkins, lanterns, and home never gets old or boring. Halloween feels incomplete without all those decorations, paintings and of course spooky pumpkins Therefore, it is best to merge pumpkin into your Halloween decorations and enjoy the moment at its fullest. In this article, we will discuss ideas about how to paint and decorate your pumpkins for this Halloween. 

Try Out These Exciting Pumpkin Painting Ideas This Halloween! 

Glittery Spiders 

Glittery spiders 

Since we decorate pumpkins in a creepy-looking way, painting your pumpkin with a spider and a touch of glitter is not a bad idea. It is very simple and easy. All you have to do is draw an oval shape, which is the body, and then draw four legs on each side of the body. You can choose any color you like, but it is best if you paint spiders in black and add glitter to it.  Moreover, to make your pumpkin look more creepy and eerie, you can draw a spider web and a spider on the pumpkin. Moving on, you can paint the pumpkin in black, draw a spider web with white paint, and then make a spider with purple paint and add glitter to it. 

Ghost Painting 

Ghost painting 

Since ghost is a major symbol of Halloween, it will be incomplete if we do not paint it on pumpkins. This Halloween, you can easily paint ghosts by making a ghost shape with wavy lines at the bottom and eyes at the center. You can choose any color since painting is art and creativity, however, it is better if you paint the ghost in white color and the eyes in black color, over an orange pumpkin. This will give a spooky look to the pumpkin as ghosts will look prominent in the orange background. Furthermore, you can paint the pumpkin in a light blue color, and draw ghosts in pink color, with black eyes, to give it a colorful and less scary look. 

Skull Painted Pumpkin 

Skull painted pumpkin 

As the festival of Halloween is celebrated with creepy and spooky-looking pumpkins, lanterns, and costumes, it should not come as a surprise that nothing is more scary than a skull. Painting pumpkins with skulls will not only give a Halloween vibe but will also remind people of the dead. Hence, you can paint a white skull on a black pumpkin and vice versa. To add more creativity and uniqueness, you can paint white and black skulls on an orange pumpkin and give your skull a more creepy touch, by making eyes and teeth more horrifying. 

Paint Pumpkins With Spray 

Paint pumpkins with spray 

If you want to enjoy decorating your Halloween pumpkin, then enjoy it with creativity. You will have so much fun the moment you start spray painting your Halloween pumpkin. All you have to do is grab a spray paint of any color you like and then paint it from above the pumpkin and move it in a circular motion. Let the spray paint drift down the pumpkin, as it will give a light touch to the lower part of the pumpkin. The idea is to add more color to the upper part of the pumpkin, making it more dark and prominent. To make it look more eye-catching, you can apply spray paint on white pumpkins, as it will give it an ombre touch. Moving on, you can spray paint your pumpkin in any way you like, for example, you can spray paint the whole pumpkin, or you can use more than one color of spray paint to decorate pumpkins. It’s totally your call. 

Paint It Like A Doughnut

Paint it like a donut 

This idea is unique and special. This year’s Halloween will likely be based on a dessert theme. Hence, painting your pumpkin like a donut will fit the trend. All you need to do is grab some pastel-colored paints and apply them to the upper half of the pumpkin. After it gets dried, paint it with bright colors, by just drawing small lines, to make it look like sprinkles scattered on a donut. 


As mentioned earlier, painting pumpkins is a fun part of the Halloween festival. If you want to pave your way to enter the Halloween festival, then decorate and paint pumpkins and be a part of the trend. You can paint pumpkins in any color and in any way you want, it all depends on your imagination and creativity. Although there are many ways to decorate pumpkins, such as carving them in different shapes and designs, by using knives and other sharp tools. However, it is not safe to use knives, especially when you are decorating pumpkins with children. Adding on, carving is a little more difficult than painting, since it requires practice, and not everybody can do it the right way. Therefore, we have concluded that it is best to paint pumpkins as it is easy, safe, and allows you to express your art and creativity, above all, it is all about fun and enjoyment. 


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