06 Neck Beard Ideas for Men to Try in 2023

06 Neck Beard Ideas for Men to Try in 2023

Neckbeard types get a bad rap and are often associated with a certain stereotype. When done properly, on the other hand, a neckbeard gives any man a fashionable look.

These flexible neck beard styles come in long and short lengths, allowing for adjustments based on how your beard grows.

How to Choose the Best Neck Beard for You?

The style of your beard will be determined by two main factors: the shape of your face and the way it grows. The first step is to determine what your face shape is. Rectangle, oval, square, heart, diamond, round, and triangle are the seven basic shapes. Once you have that, you should check how your facial hair grows. If you don't have hair growing along your jaw, it's pointless to try for a full beard. A goatee style may be a better option. Keep in mind that your beard growth will change with age, so just because you can't grow a full beard in your twenties doesn't mean you can't in your thirties.

Neck Beard Ideas for Men to Try Now

It doesn't matter whether you are a businessman or a gamer. There are many sleek and simple neck beard styles to choose from. Take a look at these 06 cool beard styles to get some ideas.

1.    Pencil Neck Beard

This neck beard has a pencil design and is accompanied by a French-cut mustache. The beard starts as a thin line between the ears and gradually moves toward the chin.

A French-cut mustache is thin and pencil-shaped, which complements the style of the beard.

2.    Gently Round Neck Beard

Although it is generally recommended that the lowest point of the neckline be about two inches wide and located above Adam's apple, there is some leeway with the shape.
For instance: a slightly curved, U-shaped neckline that slopes upward in both directions and parallels the jawline, can also look good.

3.    High Neckline Beard Style

A high neckline style can be attractive, but it can also be dangerous. The biggest fear is that the neckline will appear too high, almost at its maximum height. This style is suitable for men who prefer to shave most of their neck hair.

Before sporting this look, consider whether your jawline is too prominent for a high neck. Widening your lips and checking your beard from the side is a solid rule of thumb.
If the neckline rises above your jawline and rests on your cheekbones, it's too high. This can make you look awkward and have a double chin, especially when you're talking and moving your lips.

4.    Rough and Rugged Neck Beard

A scruffy beard gives men a refined and attractive look. Trim the neckbeard in a V shape for a sharp, edgy appearance. The edges of the neckline are not clearly defined but still visible. The goal is to achieve a rustic appearance with stains that offer a masculine feel.

To provide a neat and tidy appearance, keep cheekbones shorter than mustache and neck hair. A bald fade can be used with a neck tattoo to create an amazing look.

5.    Chinstrap Neckbeard Style

The neck beard can be styled differently by growing it into a chin strap. This style is suitable for those who want to have some hair on their chin. The procedure involves cleaning the face except for the mustache and trimming the hair along the jawline to create a chin strap.

6.    Neckbeard that Hugged the Jawline

This neck beard is distinguished by its upward mustache and downward beard. The beard is thick and long, with straight hair hanging down, with no space around the neck. This thick and large neck beard can make a man's face look egg-shaped.


Neckbeard can be a bold and distinctive fashion statement for guys, but it requires a certain level of confidence to pull off. When choosing a neck beard style, it is important to consider the shape and size of your face. Giving your neck beard the time and attention it deserves can keep it shiny and well-groomed.

However, if not cared for properly, it quickly turns from a fashion statement into a shabby mess. The neck beard style is perfect for drawing attention to the jawline and creating sophistication. It's usually nice and clean.

Nevertheless, it takes skill to ensure that it is trimmed to the proper height, not too high and not too low.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is your beard growing behind your chin?

Age and timing are important considerations for a beard that grows just below the chin. Younger boys usually have less facial hair and more hair under the chin.

If you want a long beard, the only practical alternative is to be patient and let it grow naturally.

Is the neck beard a fashion statement?

A neckbeard is a type of facial hair that grows on the nape of the neck and is usually left untrimmed.

Can a neck beards be attractive?

If you have a narrow face shape, a neckbeard can help balance the face and create a more prominent chin.

However, to achieve a great look and get compliments, you should groom your beard just like you would any other beard style.

How to take care of the neckbeard?

Every day, wash and condition your neck hair and all facial hair. Use a beard conditioner at least twice a week to keep your hair soft.

Combing or brushing your beard will help shape it and hide uneven areas as it grows.


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