The 10 Most Liked Tweets Since Twitter's Birth

Written By Nina Cass Published On Jun 08, 2023
The 10 Most Liked Tweets Since Twitter's Birth

In the vast digital landscape of social media, few platforms have left an indelible mark quite like Twitter. From groundbreaking news to heartwarming anecdotes, Twitter has become a cultural phenomenon, capturing the essence of our rapidly evolving world in 280 characters or less. And within this realm of concise expression lies a coveted realm of recognition: the most liked tweets. 

These fleeting moments, encapsulated in a few short sentences, have resonated with millions, transcending borders and bridging divides. Join us as we unravel the tapestry of Twitter history, counting down the top 10 most-liked tweets since the platform's inception, showcasing the power of words in an era defined by brevity and influence.

Methodology of Ranking

Determining the most liked tweets required meticulous analysis and consideration of various factors. The rankings were based primarily on the number of likes each tweet received, as it serves as a direct measure of user engagement and popularity. Additionally, the content, context, and impact of the tweets were taken into account to provide a comprehensive evaluation of their significance.

The Top 10 Most Liked Tweets

1. Tweet by @EllenDeGeneres 



"If only Bradley's arm was longer. Best photo ever. #oscars"
In a moment that encapsulated the power of celebrity and spontaneity, Ellen DeGeneres shared a star-studded selfie during the 2014 Oscars ceremony. The tweet quickly went viral, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide and accumulating a staggering 4.4 million likes. Its success highlighted the appeal of real-time, behind-the-scenes glimpses into glamorous events.

2. Tweet by @BarackObama 



"No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion..."
Former President Barack Obama's heartfelt response to the tragic events in Charlottesville resonated with Twitter users globally. This tweet, emphasizing unity and condemning hate, garnered 4.3 million likes, reflecting the desire for a more inclusive and compassionate society.

3. Tweet by @JoeBiden



"It's a new day in America."
On January 20, 2021, Joe Biden, the 46th President of the United States, succinctly captured the profound significance of the moment. Liked by 3.8 million people, this tweet encapsulated the anticipation and optimism surrounding the transition of power, symbolizing a fresh start and a sense of renewed hope for the nation's future.

4. Tweet by @HillaryClinton



 "To all the little girls watching...never doubt that you are valuable and powerful & deserving of every chance & opportunity in the world."
Hillary Clinton's empowering message resonated deeply with young girls worldwide, emphasizing their inherent worth and potential. Garnering 1.3 million likes, this tweet served as a powerful reminder of the importance of equality and the limitless possibilities available to the next generation.

5. Tweet by @Louis_Tomlinson 



"Always in my heart @Harry_Styles. Yours sincerely, Louis"
When the beloved band One Direction went on an indefinite hiatus, Louis Tomlinson's tweet to bandmate Harry Styles touched the hearts of countless fans worldwide. With 2.9 million likes, it epitomized the emotional connection fans had with the band and highlighted the enduring impact of their music.

6. Tweet by @RealDonaldTrump 



"Tremendous success tonight. Thank you to all!"
In the world of politics, Donald Trump's tweet celebrating his victory in the 2016 presidential election made waves, accumulating 2.8 million likes. This tweet showcased the polarizing nature of political discourse on Twitter and the ability of tweets to capture the attention of the masses.

7. Tweet by @elonmusk



‘'Next, I'm buying Coca-Cola to put the cocaine back in,'' garnered immense attention with 4.6 million likes. Displaying Elon Musk's signature wit, this tweet sparked curiosity and amusement, showcasing his ability to capture the internet's imagination. A captivating moment in the world of social media.

8. Tweet by @GretaThunberg



‘'Yes, please do enlighten me. Email me at [email protected]," sparked a wave of support with 3.8 million likes. Greta's sharp response showcased her fearless determination and wit, earning admiration for standing up against detractors. A testament to her unwavering spirit.

9. Tweet by @IncredibleCulk



"Hey guys, wanna feel old? I'm 40. You're Welcome" became an instant hit, accumulating 3 million likes. With a humorous twist, Macaulay Culkin playfully reminded us of the passage of time, causing a collective chuckle. A lighthearted moment that resonated with many, proving laughter knows no age. 

10. Tweet by @BarackObama 



"Four more years."
Barack Obama's tweet following his re-election in 2012 became one of the most iconic and memorable political messages in Twitter's history. Garnering 2.4 million likes, it highlighted the significance of political milestones and the ability of social media to amplify and immortalize such moments.

Trends and Observations

Examining the most liked tweets reveals several common themes and observations. One recurring theme is the power of authenticity, vulnerability, and emotional connection. Tweets that convey genuine emotions, address significant events, or express gratitude tend to resonate deeply with Twitter users.

Another trend is the influence of celebrity culture. Whether it is sharing candid moments, expressing support, or engaging in playful interactions, tweets from influential personalities have a higher likelihood of going viral due to their existing fan base and widespread appeal.

Evolution of Tweet Popularity

Comparing the most liked tweets from different periods showcases the evolving nature of tweet popularity. As Twitter's user base and influence have grown, tweets have increasingly become cultural touchstones, capable of shaping conversations and generating widespread engagement.

Impact of Most Liked Tweets

The most liked tweets have a profound impact on the social media landscape and Twitter's reputation as a platform. They serve as milestones in Twitter's history and contribute to its cultural significance, demonstrating the platform's power to amplify voices, foster connections, and influence public discourse.


The top 10 most-liked tweets since Twitter's birth represent a diverse range of emotions, events, and sentiments that have captivated the Twitterverse. These tweets demonstrate the power of concise messages to inspire, unite, and ignite conversations. As Twitter continues to evolve, it will be fascinating to witness the next wave of tweets that will captivate the world, breaking records and creating lasting impressions in the digital realm.

Frequently Asked Questions 

How many tweets are sent each day?

2,400 tweets each day. Further divided into smaller restrictions for semi-hourly periods is the daily update limit. Tweets that are retweeted are counted.

Are there any non-celebrities with highly-liked tweets?

Yes, Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese entrepreneur, has a highly-liked tweet about a sales milestone.

What is the most liked tweet by a sports team?

The most liked tweet by a sports team is from the Los Angeles Lakers, paying tribute to Kobe Bryant.


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