Grierson Gopalan Syndrome: Symptoms And Cure

Grierson Gopalan Syndrome: Symptoms And Cure

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This syndrome is also renowned as the burning feet syndrome. In this syndrome, the feet become very uncomfortable. It feels like burning and aching at the same time. In this medical condition, the patient survives a very painful phase as the feet become hot and aching. 
The burning sensation becomes too torturous at night, so it’s better to prevent and cure it from the first day. It is caused by nerve damage, peripheral neuropathy, Morton’s neuroma, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and Charcot-Marie-tooth disorder.

Symptoms Of Grierson Gopalan Syndrome

The 5 Top Symptoms Grierson Gopalan Syndrome are:


Sharp And Stabbing Pain

It feels like someone is stabbing your feet or using any sharp object against your feet. The feeling of stabbing and sharp pain is because of nerve pain. Nerve pain is difficult to be handled, and therefore it’s too hard to deal with it.

Numbness In Feet

If you’re suffering from sleeping feet most of the time, then you must take advice from your doctor. It happens on the grounds of lower blood flow and nerve injury. Consequently, you must take care of things happening in your body. 

Skin Redness

If your skin and feet are becoming red in appearance very often, then it could be a symptom of Grierson Gopalan syndrome. It is the result of a painful burning sensation, and it is a major symptom. Irregular blood circulation is the reason for it. 

Sensation Of Burning 

Some people are enduring the worst feeling of burning sensation in their feet because of some hidden problems happening in the body. However, later on, you explore and accept the syndrome and initiate working on it. It’s a result of toxins in the body.

Persistent Pain In Feet

If somebody is suffering from a dull ache, then it is a straight red flag for their health report. Dull pain is an aching, pulsating, and constant pain that last long. So it is kind of bearable pain, but you must spot it as soon as possible. 

Cure From Grierson Gopalan Syndrome

It is sad to see people suffering from noncurable syndromes. However, it’s grateful to know that Grierson-Gopalan-syndrome can be cured. 

Soak Your Feet In The Water 

If you are diagnosed with this syndrome, then you have to be very careful. When any of the symptoms start bothering you, you must soak your feet in the water for relief. 

Prescribed Medicine Intake

Being regular on medicine and taking medicine timely can get you back with a good health report. So take care of the prescriptions. 

Exposing Your Feet To Heat

Stop going out in sunny weather, especially from 12 pm to 4 pm. You also avoid high-temperature places that can harsh your skin. 

Usage Of Orthotic Devices

Orthotic devices are those that can align and support the foot. It will be a great support to cure Grierson syndrome effectively. 


Sometimes, medicines and other ways to cure this syndrome fail to improve. So, the doctors recommend patients make up surgery to lose this pain.


Let me summarize it for you. Taking care and recognizing the symptoms of the feet could help you lead a healthy life again, I hope this article has solved and answered your problems and questions.  

Frequently Asked Questions  

What thing causes this syndrome?

It is caused by a deficiency of vitamins such as B5, B12, D, and E.

What foods are best to cure this syndrome? 

Take leafy greens, fatty fish, eggs, and beef in your meals to prevent and cure burning feet. 

Is the syndrome risky enough?

Yes, the pain can go from mild to low range. If you spot symptoms, you should consider visiting a doctor.


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