Creative Ideas For Flower Decoration At Home For Summer Wedding

Written By Lydia Deborah Published On May 04, 2023
Creative Ideas For Flower Decoration At Home For Summer Wedding

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Everybody likes flowers at their wedding, which will lead to the growth of the flower market to 57.4 billion in the next 5 years. Summer wedding planners must be busy thinking about everything from the wedding site to the bridal gown, invitations, and decorations. Although they should not be your top priority when planning your wedding, aisle decorations are very significant for the entire event.

There are several wedding aisle decoration ideas available that will wow your guests and make the wedding ceremony beautiful, regardless of what your wedding theme is and how you plan to arrange it. You might attempt this fantastic wedding flower decorationat home idea: fresh greenery, flowers, and lanterns.

See the sweet and enchanting aisle flower decoration at home we have gathered for summer weddings by scrolling down.

How Should I Set Up The Reception For My Wedding With Flower Decoration At Home?

The overall design of a wedding is made up of a wide variety of components and decorations. Your tabletop design will be made up of centerpieces, tablecloth rentals, and place-setting rentals. The possibilities are endless, so there's no reason to stop there. There are several additional wedding decoration ideas you may use, including a fantastic step-and-repeat photo booth moment, an epic escort card display, a special sweetheart table design, and more.

Get the Garlands Ready

couple wearing garlands

White-washed farm tables are casually given an organic summer touch by a garland of greenery. With a gentle color scheme of blush and white, pillar candles surrounded by roses, dahlias, peonies, and hydrangeas maintain a simple aesthetic.

Hydrangea Arrangements

Hydrangea flower

The bride wanted the reception to evoke the experience of entering her family's home for Sunday supper. She used local flowers in blue and white hues, as well as hydrangeas, to create the desired effect in lattice containers. We'd call the setup a midsummer classic when paired with a coordinating runner and tableware.

Traditional Courtship

Traditional flower setup for marriage

This theme is for you if you want something understated yet stylish and elegant but not over the top. Because they are timeless and defy passing trends, traditional weddings are popular. Pure, unadulterated romanticism without the use of excessive decorations, garish clothing, or costly accessories. This motif would be fantastic for a wedding because of its soft colors and simple, understated elements.

Flower-Adorned Wall

Flower-Adorned Wall setup for an event

The flower wall is the most popular idea of flower decoration at home for weddings or parties. You may take the standard mogas and marigold decorations to a new level with this flower decoration athome idea! Actually, the flower walls make a stunning stage backdrop and entrance decoration for the couple.


Boho-Chic style arrangement for a bride photoshoot

Boho-Chic, one of the most popular current themes, is ideal for free-spirited couples that enjoy hippy influences and an easygoing attitude. With this idea, brides and grooms can express their creativity by dressing in vibrantly patterned outfits, flower crowns, and hefty jewelry. Moreover, handmade and customized decorations!

Incredible Tablescapes

Tablescapes for table setting

You want your table settings to appear to be glittering with love this summer. Don't allow the ceremony's magic to disappear as soon as guests are seated at the reception; this is when the true fun starts and the tablescape should reflect that.

To achieve the greatest results, we collaborate closely with amazing planners, stylists, decor suppliers, and more to design functional tables.Scintillating is the key word on our lips this summer, regardless of whether you prefer a bustling or more formal table.


Arbor aisle for bride and groom

A breathtaking spectacle for your wedding ceremony or celebration can be created by arbors. Exchange your vows beneath a floral arch, or use a vine-covered structure to resemble an English garden manor to welcome your guests to the afterparty. You might even arrange many arbors in a line to make your own "tunnel of love." 

Flying Flowers

Flying Flowers

You can make the most of your surroundings by including flowers in the mix if your wedding is held next to a pond or fountain. For a delicate, Monet-inspired touch, drop whole flower heads or petals into the body of water. It is easy to do flower decoration at home.

Flowery Light-Up Arch

Flowery Light-Up Arch set up

Hugely decorate your overhead table! Some individuals create flower tunnels out of them, while others dangle flowers from strings. You have a choice, but we like how these flowers look when they are combined with the sparkling lights. These have a fairytale wedding vibe, so on your special day, you'll feel like a queen.

Disco Balls

Disco Balls and flowers

Even better, you don't even need a vintage theme like the wedding in the picture above! We think every wedding requires a little glitz and glamour! What better way to achieve that than by including hanging disco balls in your décor? These won't just look amazing in pictures; they'll also get your guests in the party mood.

Stage Background

Stage Background for an event

Your stage backdrop will stand out from the audience if you include flowers in it. Beautiful, fresh flowers provide a stunning and perfect backdrop for wedding photos that will go viral. Such celebrity-inspired wedding decor is effectively sweeping the market. According to research, more than 73% of people like flowers, so choosing a flowery backdrop is amazing.

Bottom Lines

The wedding trends of this year are enabling couples to deviate from traditional wedding fashion, making it much more acceptable and enjoyable to exercise some creative license concerning the wedding venue, decorations, flowers, rituals, food, and other aspects. 

The knowledge that weddingstyles are all about personal interpretations and more opportunities for creativity when it comes to wedding decor and ambiance is the finest thing about wedding trends for 2023. Must choose flower decorations at home on your wedding day to make a perfect ambiance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is flower decoration at home expensive?

Wedding season, flower availability, and other factors all affect how much a flower arrangement costs.

Which flowers make the best choices for a wedding day?

The greatest flowers to bring to the wedding include orchids, roses, tulips, peonies, asters, lupins, daisies, etc.

What Kinds of Wedding Flowers Are Non-Traditional?

Wedding flowers that aren't customary are more widespread, more affordable, and more ecological. They consist of greenery, fresh produce, fruits, and dried flowers like baby's breath and hellebore.

Can I mix different flowers on the big day?

Yes, you can use a variety of flowers to create a beautiful atmosphere.


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