6 Stylish And Spooky Black Halloween Nail Designs

Written By Sarah Abraham Published On Sep 20, 2023
6 Stylish And Spooky Black Halloween Nail Designs

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With winters approaching and leaves falling, we all know that Halloween is just around the corner. It is not only the season that tells us that Halloween is about to come, but it’s the excitement and preparations for Halloween that gives a completely different yet spooky vibe. From scary costumes to creepy-looking pumpkins to Jack O’ lantern to trick-or-treating, everything adds up to so much to this festival that it feels that it’s not just a festival, but rather a season in itself. However, this festival is incomplete without creepy and spooky black Halloween nails. Although you must have added scary costumes and creepy masks to your wardrobe for Halloween, add black nails designs to elevate your Halloween look this year. 

Let’s take a look at black Halloween nail designs that you should try! 

Here are six spooky and creepy looking Halloween nail designs that will add a scary touch to your Halloween outfit.  

Spider And Spider Web Nails 

Spider and spider web nails 

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One of the trendiest black Halloween nail designs is spider nails. All you have to do is apply black nail paint, and then apply spider and spider web stickers. Its best to use white spider and spider web sticker, as it will look more scary and creepy with black nail color. You can try this nail design in different ways. For example, you can apply sticker of spider on one or two nails and spider web sticker on other nails, or you can apply sticker of both spider and spider web on the same nail, it’s your call. This black nail design will suit every nail size and shape, and will compliment any Halloween outfit. 

Spooky Skeleton Nails

Spooky skeleton nails

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Another trendiest black Halloween nail design is skeleton nails. To make it look spooky and creepy, all you need is a black nail color and skeleton sticker or white nail paint with thin brush. First, apply black nail color and wait until it gets dried. Then paste white skeleton sticker and flaunt your nails. Other than this, if you are good at nail arts, then you can use white nail color with thin brush or white nail pen and draw the skeleton yourself. You can scare anyone with this eerie looking nail design. This nail art will suit any nail shape and size. 

Flying Black Bats

Flying black bats

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This is a unique yet spine-chilling nail design that will elevate your Halloween look. This is an all-black nail design, with a combination of matte and glossy black nail paints. Paint your nails matte black and then draw a flying bat with a glossy black nail color or nail pen.  This nail design will go well with any Halloween outfit and give a vampire vibe. It will look best on long oval-shaped or square shaped nails. Scare away anyone with this nerve-recking black nail design.

Black Tip Nails 

Black tip nails 

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For all those looking out for spooky black Halloween nails with a touch of French manicure, here is the right nail design for you. All you have to do is get your nails manicured and then apply glossy black nail color on the tip of your nails. If you cannot get your nails manicured and fell too tired to go to the salon, don’t worry, we have solution for you. Apply nail shiner of nail buff on your nails, and after it gets dried, apply glossy black nail polish on the tip of your nails. If you want your nails to look best, do this nail art on long nails, and enjoy the Halloween vibe. 

Black And Red Nails 

Black and red nails 

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For all those who want to scare people and make the full out of this Halloween, you can try out this horrifying nail design. With all-black nails with red nail color dripping down from the corner, will give nothing more than a vampire vibe. You can make this nail design using red nail color with thin brush or red nail pen. Moreover, to make this nail design look better, apply it on long square or almond-shaped nails, as it will give more room to show dripping red nail paint. So, go ahead with showing-off this nail paint and make people scream. 

Scary Eyes Nail Design 

Scary eyes nail design 

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This is another scariest and creepiest nail design for Halloween. All you have to do is grab a black nail paint, which is a must-have for Halloween nail design, and neon color nail polish such as red, green and yellow. Apply black nail polish and after it gets dried, draw eyes using red, green and yellow nail polish separately on each nail, and make it look terrifying. This nail design will seem as if a ghost is staring at you. Get ready to make people scream once again. 


Halloween is not just about wearing scary and spooky costumes, but it’s about carrying a complete scary and creepy look. In order to look all-scary and spooky, it is equally important to put on Halloween nail design, and black nail color is the most suitable for Halloween festival. These black Halloween nail design will fit every outfit and complete your all-spooky and eerie look. 


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