6 Best Long Lasting Fragrances At QVC

Written By Evelyn Kent Published On Oct 31, 2023
6 Best Long Lasting Fragrances At QVC

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When it comes to flaunting our looks and paving our way into entering the new fashion mantra, we tend to think that wearing trendy clothes, shoes, accessories and carrying a designer bag will do the talking. However, it’s high time that we realize that rather than wearing trendy clothes and shoes, we need to elevate our style statement by adding more exclusivity to it. This is only possible if we wear unique and exotic fragrances. It not only makes you smell good, rather it is a part of your identity as people can feel your presence by the fragrance you wear. 

Hence, we have come up with the 6 long lasting fragrances available at QVC, which will elevate your aura and style. These fragrances will not only make heads turn around, but will make your presence so pleasant that people would love to have you around them. These fragrances available at QVC offer variety of scents that are long lasting and less expensive. 

Check Out The 6 Best Long Lasting Fragrances That Will Uplift Your Aura!!

In this article we have summed up 6 best long lasting fragrances that are worth buying. We will discuss the details about each perfume brand available at QVC. Continue reading the article to find out more. 

Philosophy Special Edition Amazing Grace Eau De Parfum 

Philosophy Special Edition Amazing Grace Eau De Parfum 

This is one of the best edition and fragrance of Philosophy brand. This fragrance comes with a blend of fruity notes and soft floral and musk under tones. It offers a combination of bergamot, orange, grape fruit, and muted tones of lily and musk, which makes it a perfect odor to wear in summers, especially if you want to avoid unpleasant scent from sweating. The price of this edition of Philosophy is $58 which makes it affordable for many. 

Philosophy is one of the finest and reliable cosmetic brands in terms of quality, as it is recommended by doctors and plastic surgeons. Philosophy came up with its Amazing Grace perfume edition in 1996, the same year it was launched. Moreover, this brand is certified by PETA and does not carry out animal testing for its production, which has also contributed to its popularity.  

Clinique Have: A Little Happy Set 

Clinique Have A Little Happy Set 

This set of Clinique comes with a body cream that has to be used along with the perfume. Clinique perfume of this edition offers a combination of fruit notes such as bergamot and grape fruit, spring mimosa, and floral notes which includes Stephanotis Floribunda, a wedding flower in Hawaii. It will not only attract people, rather will change the air and mesmerize people around you once you wear it. The price of this edition along with body cream is $57. 

Clinique launched its Clinique Happy perfume edition in 1998, exclusively for women. This perfume edition was created with the intention of providing a signature scent for women, and making it long lasting. Moreover, all the products of the brand are clinically tested which makes them reliable and user-friendly for everyone. 

TOVA Signature Eau De Parfum And Body Velvet Set 

TOVA Signature Eau De Parfum And Body Velvet Set 

This edition of TOVA has exclusive and exotic scent that is too hard to resist. It comes with a blend of variety of floral notes which includes American Iris, love touch peony, heaven sent magnolia, jasmine, lavender and hard tone of fruity scent, Calabrian bergamot. This scent is best of you want to an identity to your style statement and flaunt exotic scents wherever you go. 

It is available with a body cream, called Body Velvet, and is available at a price $55. We would highly recommend you to buy this because TOVA has been making fragrances since 25 years, without any animal testing and has made its mark in the fragrance industry for years. It is one of the leading perfume brands that has never compromised on quality. 

Estee Lauder Beautiful Magnolia: Perfect Fragrance Set 

Estee Lauder Beautiful Magnolia Perfect Fragrance Set 

This edition of Estee Lauder is known for its endearing and evasive scent, which mesmerizes everyone around it. The tones of this fragrance are very exclusive, combining sharp floral scents of magnolia, lotus, magnolia solar flair and Turkish rose. Moreover, the blend has a final touch of crisp notes of herbs such as sandalwood, cedar wood and Mate tea. This perfume set includes a hand cream and is available at QVC at a price of $80. 

Estee lauder is one of the oldest and luxurious brand in the world. Launched in 1946, it has continued to introduce several perfume brands, including Beautiful magnolia edition, which was launched in 2021. This perfume is worth trying as it is long lasting and the blend of floral notes, herbs and musk is consistent in almost all of its perfume edition, making it reliable in terms of quality. 

Dolce & Gabbana: The Only One 2-pc Gift Set 

Dolce & Gabbana The Only One 2-pc Gift Set 

All the ladies who want to make their presence unique should try out this edition of Dolce & Gabbana. The scent of this perfume brand is feminine and sensual due to its exquisite blend of notes. It contains a mixture of coffee and floral notes such as vanilla, iris and violet. This fragrance will arouse your temptations so much that you can’t resist but buy it. This set of perfume includes 2 pieces of The Only One edition of Dolce & Gabbana and is available at QVC at a price of $139.

Dolce & Gabbana is one of the leading and award-wining fashion brands in the world. It launched The One for women perfume edition in 2006 and all of its perfume edition have a unique combination of scents. It has remained consistent in offering long lasting perfumes with mesmerizing and alluring scents. If you are a fashion-forward person and want to add sophistication and elegance to your style, then don’t look back and get this perfume set.  

Lancôme Tresor: 3-Piece Fragrance Set  

Lancôme Tresor 3-Piece Fragrance Set  

Women who prefer to wear a certain or standard blend of fragrance can opt for the Tresor edition of Lancôme perfume. The opulent and delightful blend of floral and fruity notes make it a signature scent of the brand. It contains an exclusive yet standard blend of notes, which includes lily of the valley, lilac, iris, rose, heliotrope, jasmine, vanilla, apricot, pineapple, peach and bergamot, musk, amber and sandalwood. You can buy your signature scent in a 3 piece set at QVC for $150, which includes two perfume bottles and a body lotion. 

Lancome is one of the best perfume brands in terms of exclusivity and quality. It has launched various perfume editions under the supervision of renowned perfumers and experts, including Tresor launched by Sophia Grojsman in 1990. Tresor has changed the aura and elevated the charisma and charm of every woman who wears it. 


We have gathered one of the best and most unique perfume brands that are available at QVC at a cheap price. Moreover, it's your choice whether you prefer to wear soft and pleasant floral tones or crisp and sharp musk and sandalwood tones. Every perfume edition comes with an exclusive and unique blend of notes, and each one has a different charm and aura. It's your choice whether you want to add sophistication to your style and make your aura charismatic. We can assure you that whichever perfume you try, you will never be disappointed. 


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