10 Inspirational Barndominium Interior Ideas

Written By Lydia Deborah Published On Oct 11, 2023
10 Inspirational Barndominium Interior Ideas

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When it comes to revamping home décor or interior, we tend to think of upgrading the interior and furniture of our home or apartments. We all want to a have plush and cozy home, which should also look voguish and sophisticated. Therefore, we think of buying expensive and lavish home, which we can decorate according to our preferences. Hence, it seems difficult to fulfill our dream since everyone cannot afford to buy an expensive house or apartment. We often ignore the idea of decorating barndominium, which is we have come up with this article.

Although decorating banrdominium seems a very outdated and backward idea, it comes with multiple benefits. Barndominiums are affordable and less expensive, spacious and adjustable. Thus, if we give it an exquisite touch by adding radiant and luxurious interior and décor, it will look vintage and welcoming. Moving forward, we have come up with the most inspirational and innovative interior decoration ideas for barndominiums. 

Let’s Explore Interiors Designing Ideas For Your Barndominiums 

Today, the internet is flooded with numerous interior designing ideas for barndominiums, which makes it difficult to choose one. Therefore, we have come up with 10 inspiration barndominium decorating ideas that are worth trying. 

1. White Barndominium Interior With Wooden Floors 

White bardominium interior with wooden floors 

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To make your barndominium look comfy and chic, this interior decoration idea is the best option for you. Ceilings, walls, kitchen and furniture, all of it should be white. The floors should be all wooden. Along with that, you can mix and match other colors like light blue and green for furniture and carpets. This color combination will give a soft and subtle look to the overall interior of your barndominium and will keep it from looking too plain and repellent. 

For your living room, you can have white couch with light blue or light green cushions and a rug of the same color. You can also keep small show pieces of the same color, or cover the table top with white, light green or blue top. You can do the same for your bedroom, by adding light green and blue show pieces and lamps on dressing table and side drawers. Moreover, to make the corner of the rooms more prominent, you can also arrange poinsettia in various corners to enhance the beauty of your barndominium. With its dark red hue against white, it will give a serene and artistic touch to your barndominium. 

2. Wooden Barndominium Interior With Purple Walls 

Wooden bardominium interior with purple walls 

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To make your barndominium look like a lodge or a guest house, you can paint the walls with pastel shade of purple, and keep the furniture and other interior all-wooden. Moreover, you can tweak the colors by adding some black interiors and furniture to your barndominium. For example, you can add black kitchen counters, black lamps in side tables and light purple carpet with beige color sofa, in the living room. 

For bedrooms, you can have a wooden furniture with a touch of black, and the walls painted with pastel shade of purple. You can add an artistic touch to your bedroom by adding antique decoration pieces, table lamps and wall lamps of light purple or black color. Once completed, your barndominium will look bohemian and radiant and will appeal anyone who walks in. 

3. Wooden Barndominium Interior With White Furniture 

Wooden bardominium interior with white furniture 

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Once again we have come up with a wooden barndominium interior design. This interior design will make your barndominium look natural, with hues of light wood, white and pastel gray. This interior design comes with wooden floor with a touch of pastel gray. The ceilings are all-wooden, high with white ceiling lamps. For your living room, you can keep white couch and white chairs for dining table. The tables should be wooden, in dark brown color or any contrasting color. 

For bedrooms, you should add white furniture, and if there is more space, you can add a small white rug and couch. To give it an opulent and elegant touch, decorate it with brown decoration pieces, on dressing and tables and walls. Try to keep minimal furniture to make it look spacious and let the white and wooden color hues do the talking. 

4. Black And White Barndominium Interior Décor  

Black and white bardominium interior décor  

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The contrast of black and white looks great in all things, which is why we are suggesting this color contrast for your barndominium interior décor design. With ceilings and walls all painted white, it will look way too serene and luxurious. With white kitchen counters and cabinets, you can add black chairs and wall lamps. if the living room is adjacent to the kitchen, elevate the color contrast by adding black comfy couches and sofas and with a white table. 

For bedrooms and washrooms, the color combination will remain the same. Add an exquisite touch by keeping black furniture, lamps and show pieces in your bedroom. For washroom, you can have mirror with black frame, wall lamps with black covering and a black bath tub. 

5. Gray And White Barndominium Interior Décor 

Gray and white bardominium interior décor 

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This is another most elegant and sophisticated interior décor idea for your barndominium. This is the one I personally love too much. In this interior décor, all you have to do is paint your walls pastel grey and add all white furniture to your living room, bedroom and washroom. Moreover, keep the ceiling white, so that the walls look more prominent with gray hues. Add white couch and sofa in your living room, with white and gray cushions. The interior of kitchen should be white with gray wall lamps and counter chairs. 

To feel warm and cozy in your bedroom, add white furniture and gray decoration pieces and wall lamps. Moreover, you can have a white bath tub and sink in your washroom with gray walls and white floors. 

6. Wooden Barndominium Interior With Black Furniture 

Wooden bardominium interior with black furniture 

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If you love black furniture like me, then go for this interior décor without looking back. With wooden floors, walls and ceilings, you can add black sofa or couch in your living room. Moreover, you can have black interior of your kitchen, and add black wall lamps or black counter chairs.  For bedrooms, all black furniture with white wall lamps and ceiling lights will give an awe to anyone who enters your room. For you washroom, you can have black cabinets, railing and wall pieces. 

This interior décor will give an artistic and natural touch to your barndominium. In addition to this, you can always tweak the interior design by painting any wall of your living room or bedroom, but do not paint them all, as the concept is about contrasting black with wooden hues. 

7. Dark Blue And Green Barndominium Interior Design 

Dark blue and green bardominium interior design 

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To give your barndominium a hot and chic vibe, use this interior décor design and feel all hypnotic. This barndominium interior design involves painting the walls and ceilings all dark blue or teal. For furniture in your living room, you can add dark green or blue color sofa, wall lamps and ceiling lights of the same or any other contrasting color, to give a jaw dropping look. 

You can add dark green or blue furniture in your bedroom, the color contrast depends on your choice. Add decoration pieces, lamps and rugs of dark blue or dark green color. this interior décor design is so alluring that you would love to stay in your barndominium and will not feel like going out. 

8. White And Maroon Barndominium Interior Décor 

White and maroon bardominium interior décor 

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To give an appealing and hypnotic touch to your banrdominium, try out this interior design. This interior designing idea comes with a color combination of maroon and white. All you have to do is paint the walls maroon and white and add furniture of the same color combination. Unlike other barndominium décor ideas mentioned earlier, this design does not require to paint all the wall in one solid color. You can have one or two walls painted maroon and keep the rest white. 

For living room couch, you can either keep maroon or white couch or a contrast of both. For bedrooms, you can follow the same rule. For wall lamps and lights, you can add lights with either white or maroon covering. 

9. Black And Gray Barndominium Interior Décor Design 

Black and gray bardominium interior décor design 

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This interior design will make your barndominium look appealing and luxurious. It is a very unique yet radiant interior design which involves black and gray hues. This interior design involves painting barndominium walls all gray, you can choose any shade of gray, but in my opinion pastel or muted shade of gray will look best. for your living room and bedroom furniture, you can keep it all black or gray or a mix and match of both colors. 

In this interior design, you can tweak the colors of the furniture, but keep the walls painted gray. If you will paint the walls black, it will look very dark and dull. Moreover, you can either keep a wooden or concrete floor, its your call. 

10. Brick Walls Barndominium Interior Décor Design 

Brick walls bardominium interior décor design 

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This is one of the most common bardominuim interior design. It gives a natural touch and homely feeling to any barndominium, and is timelessly elegant. This interior design gives you room for choosing any color for your furniture. However, it is most commonly seen that people keep either white or brown furniture, or a furniture that has both colors. 

In my opinion, your barndominium will look best with white and brown furniture and wooden floors. All you have to do is add brick walls to your barndominium or you can apply wall paper of brick wall design. You can add a white, brown or gray color couch in your living room. You can use the same colors for your bedroom furniture and washroom interior. 


We hope that this article will help you design your barndominium interior at its best. Moreover, you can always tweak the design by adding colors of your choice. However, when it comes to black color, try not to paint your walls black as it will look extremely dull. Barndominium interior designing is all about your imagination and creativity. 


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