5 Gorgeous Pink Makeup Looks

5 Gorgeous Pink Makeup Looks

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For many women, makeup is a confidence booster. They do makeup to look more confident. They are likely loving makeup and learning to do it to look younger or older. It’s their choice. Makeup enhances their beauty. In addition, their facial features start looking more appealing. The way men enjoy playing sports is the same way women enjoy and have fun while doing makeup. 

Well, there are many reasons why I love pink makeup, like there are so many shades of pink, and it has different textures. Today, in this article, we are going to look at the best pink makeup looks that work best on different occasions. 

Let Us Sneak Into the World of Pink Makeup Looks

Here are the following five beautiful pink makeup looks that I love the most:

Baby Pink Makeup Look

Baby Pink Makeup Boom

Image Source: makeup.com

You don’t always have to look bold with pink lipstick or pink shadows. This is a major reason for me to choose the baby pink makeup look. The color pink has a whole big variety in that it holds many shades. You can achieve such a look by applying a small amount of low weighed foundation on your face. Then take a soft hue of pink color and utilize it on your lips and eyelids. You have to put the same hue for both eyes and lips. You just only need three things to have a baby pink look. 

  1. Carnation Pink Blush On
  2. Rouge Pink Lipstick
  3. Low-Weighed Foundation

Matte Pop of Color

Matte Pop Makeup

Image Source: makeup.com

I love this pop of color pink makeup look because it seems to be energizing. It liberates energy from you to your surroundings. It has another level vibe that makes you feel confident and optimized. There is a special thing about this makeup that you look fancy with wearing jeans even while having this look. It has a plus point that it consumes less time to achieve this look. There is one more thing very important to consider. You should apply a high-quality primer before applying matte makeup products. It is pretty easy to pull off this look and doesn’t take much time too. 

Peachy Pink Makeup Look

Peachy Pink Combination Makeup Look

Image Source: shutterstock.com

When I started wearing makeup, I used to think why it has become too hard for me to wear makeup on a white dress. I got to know this look is different and suits everyone, so for this reason, I would suggest every tone people follow it. It is also a less consuming effort to enhance your prettiness. For this look, you need a peachy-hued blush and apply it on both the apples of your cheeks and on your eyelids. Blend a little amount of blush around the cheeks. 

Don’t over-blush it. Otherwise, it won’t look stunning at all. You need to be careful before putting it on your eyelids. Apply fuchsia lipstick on your lips and a gloss polish to prompt them. In the end, you are ready for your event.

Neon Bright Makeup Look

Neon Bright Makeup Look

Image Source: pinterest.com

If you are in university or college, and you are having a walk for an event, it can be a farewell too, a neon-bright makeup look would be the cherry on top. It will catch the attention of the surrounding. Neon has a variety of detail. I prefer a glossy polish on lips with pink monochromatic neon pink bright-colored eye shade. This statement will go up on fire. 

Royal Blush Makeup Look

Royal Blush Makeup Look

Image Source: beautybay.com

At last, I am talking about royal blush, discussing this at the end has a reason. As the name is royal blush, it has majestic royalty. The reason for loving the royal blush pink makeup look is to feel royalty. If you have a wedding to go, this look must be on top. You would look like the queen of the party. Putting a magenta pink blush on your cheeks, scarlet-hued matte lipstick on your lips, andlong-lasting mascara would be so promising to this look. In the end, you need to put a face powder to give it a finishing look.


I found these stunning pink makeup looks that I love the most. Pink color was forever my favorite color, and it remains the same. Hope this article would be helpful for you. I recommend all of you to look whatever you want in your ways.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the hygienic rules for makeup?

  1. Don’t use your hands.
  2. Wash your face before applying makeup.
  3. Wash your brushes and beauty blenders regularly.

Why is it too important to do makeup?


It enhances our looks and our features of the face. It is totally up to you to put it or not. Everyone has their perspective. So those who love it should keep doing it and those who dislike it. Can still live without it.

How to apply lipstick perfectly?

  1. Apply a thin layer of lip balm to moisturize.
  2. Trace the lips with a lip pencil.
  3. Apply the desired lipstick on your lips.

How to overcome the fear of makeup?


You must remember only one thing, you are doing for yourself, not anyone else. It will be helpful for you in nailing against the fear of doing makeup. 


Sarah Abraham is a makeup artist and a creative writer. Her content includes the most beginner-friendly makeup and beauty tips. She is a professional product reviewer who writes for top cosmetic brands.